Men and Supplements

What Men Need to Know About Their Health Before Taking Supplements

Nearly 50% of American men take some kind of supplement regularly, whether that is vitamin based, a herbal product, or something designed to boost...

Recovering from a Back Injury

Slip and fall accidents are a common cause of back injuries, especially in elderly adults. They often result in cuts and bruises, fractures, broken...

Hitting a Golf Ball: Amazing Benefits for Your Body and Mind

Golf is a worldwide popular sport that is stereotypically known as a difficult-to-learn gentleman's game. Even though it truly is mentally stimulating and physically...

9 Ways to Increase Your Testosterone through Exercise

Testosterone is probably the most essential "sex" hormone present in men. But, testosterone is not just about getting an erection. It has a very...
Funny fitness memes

My Favorite Funny Fitness Memes

For some people, fitness comes naturally. They never struggle to find time to go and seem to have emerged from the womb 100% jacked...
Funny workout memes

My Favorite Funny Workout Memes

Going to the gym is hard. It’s the *getting there* part that’s so bad. In fact, here I sit in a sports bra right...

Do You Know the Secret to Losing Stubborn Fat?

A bulge that just wouldn’t budge – we all know a couple of those areas. It is interesting that fat doesn’t just bother people...
Funny PreWorkout Meme List

Funny Pre-workout Memes

If you go to the gym on at least a semi-regular basis, you know that person. You know, the one downing pre-workout shakes and...

Zumba Memes

Few things are better than a good meme. And when they happen to be memes about something I love, that’s even better. I love...

Vitamins and Supplements To Lower Your Cancer Risk

Protecting your family from potential diseases and other health problems isn't easy. For most people that means focusing on healthy habits, getting plenty of...