Funny fitness memes

For some people, fitness comes naturally. They never struggle to find time to go and seem to have emerged from the womb 100% jacked and already sucking down pre-workout like it’s mother’s milk. For the rest of us, our journey has had quite a few more ups and downs. Here are some of my favorite memes about getting fit…or not.


Literally any restaurant. If my legs are shaking like a colt’s, you can bet I’m probably drooling over yelp reviews after a workout instead of figuring out what to cook.


When I leave the gym, I tend to strut out like I’ve just been through some action-movie drama. Especially when I go on a weeknight and have work the next day. Since my gym is open 24 hours, if someone’s walking in as I’m walking out and it’s been dark out for awhile, it’s like I’m exiting in slo-mo with sunglasses as an explosion goes off behind me. Yeah. Good luck in there, pal.


Some days though, we’re all lucky if we do anything fitness-oriented beyond fitting a whole pizza in our pieholes. Especially now that winter’s kicking in. I’m not apologizing for anything!


Ask anyone what the biggest gym tragedy of them all is, and we’ll all agree: forgetting our headphones. What, are we supposed to listen to bad mid-2000s pop the whole time? I don’t think so. I need that distracting podcast to help me make it through my squats, thank you.


Okay, okay, I 100% used to be this person. Thankfully, someone (ahem, my partner) showed me the light. But it’s real – getting started is the hardest part of all.


Squatting is to the gym what thick brows are to the beauty world – everyone says they’ve got it mastered, have it in the bag, and yet…so few of us do. Just fess up and do crunches with messy brows like the rest of us plebes.


And if you’re one of those people who actually squat, do us all a favor and pick a good time. Like before you eat Mexican food, perhaps. Too many beans, bro. Too many beans.


You know what? Some folks are perfectly happy never going to the gym. If that’s you, then you do you, friend. That’s more floor space for the rest of us.


And chances are, if you hardly ever go and then try to hulk out when you do get here, you’ll be completely lost – and probably end up hurting yourself.


Not that I was buxom to begin with, but dang if that ain’t a perk of gaining holiday weight. Pass the cookies, please! Yesterday may have been leg day, but today’s boob day.


Sometimes it’s like everyone who identifies as a woman is damned if they do and damned if they don’t in the fitness world. The answer? Wonder Woman it out and block all those haters; they’re just jealous that they don’t have as good of a workout regimen as you.


This. Just this. Since the dawn of time, people have had to, you know, lift stuff. And our cave-dwelling ancestors didn’t exactly hang out on couches all day eating Doritos. Everything in moderation is all I’m saying!


This just makes me glad my gym’s open all night. If it’s 10 p.m. and I’m just getting around to my routine, who cares! I’m in it for me.


What a double-edged sword. Like, I’m excited for y’all making the shift and getting fit, but could you please do it at someone else’s gym? Thanks.


And if you’re a dude trying to give advice to a lady, the answer for when to give it is never. We literally never want your unsolicited advice. Now move along.


That moment when you’re kicking Past Self for having more motivation than Present Self, but you just know that Future Self will be so disappointed in you if you don’t stick to it.


And if that chicken turns out to be tofu or tempeh, everyone around you will implode.


We all know that one person who just doesn’t have a heart. Can we really expect them to work out, too? I’m looking at you, Grandma!


Even though this guy’s bicep is larger than his head, I think I know how he feels. Sometimes the ambulance still needs to get called if I crush my workout with my spindly arms.


This one made me almost spit out my coffee laughing. It’s too true. Can’t you, I don’t know, scroll through some podcasts to listen to or something?


It is possible, you know. And believe it or not, your workout is just. as. good.


The amount of times I’ve lifted an iron can’t hold a candle to how much I’ve lifted iron – and I’m proud of that (even if my clothes are a little wrinkly here and there).


The hardest part is always getting started, y’all. Personally, I put on a good podcast – nothing like a murder mystery or apocalyptic news stories to get your heart pumping for a good workout! What do you listen to to get your blood flowing for the first set?

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