fitness closet

What’s in Your Fitness Closet? My Favorite Workout Items

No, this isn’t going to be X rated and no, I don’t have any secrets that I’ve been keeping. Today’s post is a group effort...
5k Road Race

5k Race Recap

My son ran our local 5K race last week. All the preparation from his track meet last month excited him about the race. If...
Mud run competitors

6 Tips for Running Your First Mud Run

I ask you, what could be more fun than running in the mud? Precious little from where I’m sitting.  A mud run is an...
Mud running

Go Dirty Mud Run Girl

What was better as a kid than playing in the mud. Mud puddles, mud cakes, walking through it with rubber boots or barefoot so...
bad run

Bad Run

I’ll start with Friday. My mom has been taking a barre fitness class for a while and I’ve been wanting to go along and...
social workout

The Social Workout

Hi everyone! Seems I can’t seem to keep up with myself this past week or so, I seem to be so busy. Although, I’ve been...
Running in High Heels

I Can Run But I Can’t Wear High Heels

I’m still here. It’s not like I don’t have the time to write, because I do, and I do love my blog. It’s more...
cold or dark?

Cold or Dark?

It can be really difficult to get motivated in the winter months, those blankets are awfully heavy. But, I’ve gotten to be pretty good...
sleeping woman

Tips for Sleeping Better Naturally

Maintaining good physical and mental health require regularly getting a sound, relaxing night’s sleep. Consequences of not enough sleep can lead to serious complications,...

Zumba Memes

Few things are better than a good meme. And when they happen to be memes about something I love, that’s even better. I love...