Funny workout memes

Going to the gym is hard. It’s the *getting there* part that’s so bad. In fact, here I sit in a sports bra right now, looking at workout memes instead of, you know, actually working out. The way I figure, if I look at enough people struggling with the gym life, it’s almost like I’m working out myself…right?


This one’s so accurate it hurts. Sure, both yoga and barre have been sitting unchecked on my to-do list since last week, but I mean it! I’ll do it! After all, tomorrow is another day…


Young Keanu’s got a point. Why would our body hurt so badly if we’d done something good for it? All I can say is my body sure as heck doesn’t hurt when I’m lying in bed with chocolate and Netflix.


When we finally wrest ourselves off the couch and head to the gym, I think we all feel a bit like Obi Wan, feeling the stirring of something long past – but in our case, it’s the aching of those triceps we haven’t worked since last month.


We all know this person. They post their “before” selfies in the mirror or car with #gymtime several times a week. We get it. You’ve got nice pecs. Now stop making us all look bad!


Some people take sharing their workout selfie so seriously that the act of posting itself feels like part of the workout regimen. After all, if an exercise buff lifts at the gym but there’s no post to show it, does it even count?


This. Is. My. Favorite. One more time for the fragile men in the back!


After all, a good deadlift isn’t so different from what all of us (regardless of gender) learned from “Legally Blonde,” right? Nothing beats Elle Woods’ form in her bend and snap.


If you tell a guy you lift and he’s still giving you a hard time (even after you show him those other two memes), maybe it’s time to use those powerful arms of yours to give him the bird.


Because no matter our gender expression, we all unleash our inner Sly and Arnie after one of our better workouts. The question is, which one are you? Personally, I’m a Schwarzenegger through and through.


The day after is almost always worse than the day of. And leg day? Forget about it. Maybe if our arms aren’t sore we can just walk on those instead of our legs? At least each step wouldn’t be agony.


The morning after arm day, I’m lucky if I can lift my coffee cup all the way to my face. The struggle. It’s so real.


It seems like there’s nothing safe when we workout. Our arms, our legs, our abs – they all hurt! What’s next? Our hands aching on hand day?


I usually take the stairs at work, but on leg day, the thought of going up and down those flights is enough to make me weep. Remember, it’s days like those when the elevator is our friend.


I know I go bananas when they play a song I love. And if it comes on during cardio, I’m easy to spot: I’m the one kicking and twisting more wildly than anyone else in the class – especially if Lady Gaga or Beyoncé comes on.


Monday mornings almost feel like a crime to waste on a workout. I can’t even seem to wrangle myself out of bed to make coffee, even if the smell of coffee tempts me. Person crawling on the treadmill in PJs – I feel you. I really, really do.


Getting into a routine is rough and to make it worse, everyone seems to think we’re working out differently than we are. I, for one, imagine myself glamorous doing my squats on tiptoes in barre, only to look over to see myself red-faced with a curved back. Yikes. At least I’m not just sleeping on the mat?


Ah, the wet sports bra – the ultimate trap! Sometimes I just throw in the towel and ask my husband for help. Other times, I struggle and twist like something caught in a fisherman’s net. It’s never pretty. It’s always hilarious.


But all that sweat and misery isn’t without its rewards! When someone notices your booty gains, it’s a little like winning your first award. “I always knew my dedication would get me here! I’d like to thank my mom…”


It’s even better when you notice your own booty gains and are wearing your sweet new cardio duds. I know loving my outfit makes working out at least that much more satisfying – especially when you spy yourself in the yoga mirror. Give yourself a wink! You earned it, hot stuff.


Getting extra gussied up for the gym isn’t without its repercussions. Personally, I just avoid makeup at the gym. Unless, that is, I’m shooting for that Joker look…


Okay. This is my least favorite thing about the gym. Seriously guys? Every. Single. Time? Take a breath and drink some water! Your screams don’t make it fun for everyone else, either.


Well, if you put it that way, does it look so bad? If Snow White can do some lifting, then by golly, so can I! Here’s to the rest of our weeks being full of workout fun.

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