Funny PreWorkout Meme List

If you go to the gym on at least a semi-regular basis, you know that person. You know, the one downing pre-workout shakes and supplements before getting there, amped on vitamins (and caffeine) and ready to take on each machine like they’re taking the final stand against robots. You know, the people who really live for that pre-workout life. Some people swear by it, others swear at it, and still others just love to hate on it. No matter how you feel about the pre-workout mania, it’s here to stay. If you’re looking for some memes to send to your buddies next time you hit the gym, you’re in luck. Hang onto your hats, it’s going to be a wild and caffeinated ride!


Some people just haven’t had the pleasure of a pre-workout yet. For those not inducted into the buzz-filled world of pre-workout, sometimes words just aren’t enough to explain how amped it gets you. Next time someone asks, just send them this. They’ll get it.


Or send this one over. How else can you really convey just how powerful you feel short of lifting up a truck in the parking lot yourself 30 minutes after taking your pre-workout?


Just be sure you don’t take more than you need! Sometimes the temptation is strong, but you’ll find yourself geeking out like this kid after. And be careful if you take two extra scoops…


You may end up lost in a mall in your underwear – I mean, gym shorts. And chances are you won’t be as ripped as this guy here, no matter how amped the pre-workout has you feeling.


Sometimes though, you’ve got to take an extra scoop when your body gets too comfortable with the amount you’ve been taking. There’s nothing worse than being exhausted at the gym after a long day of work. May as well start the pre-workout early and get vibrating before you get to the gym…


Except for when this happens. Nothing’s worse than being amped beyond all control with nowhere to put it but your cubicle. But at least you get to go to the gym eventually…


Unless they keep you way too late at work. To finally be free, bursting with pre-workout power, and find out the gym is closed? There are few things worse. It leaves you sitting there, wondering what you’ll do with the energy you have left.


And then you’re feeling like this bug-eyed Barney, waiting on the moment to pass and things to go back to normal. Who can have a conversation, cook dinner, or act normal when there’s still that pre-workout feeling coursing through your veins? Three scoops? More like three scoops too many.


Okay. We all know this guy. He’s had one scoop of pre-workout once and suddenly, he’s the king of the gym. Cool your jets, bro. One scoop is just the beginning.


For some people, though, one scoop is enough and they’re blazing through the doors like this bull, ready to knock over all the equipment. Lifting on the bench? What if I just lifted the bench!


Some people, however, are workout purists. Why see what you can do when your body is coursing with induced energy, when you can push your body au naturale? Like Austin here, some of us like to live dangerously…


…although we may just have some very different definitions of “dangerous.” Four-scoops Nick Cage knows he’s gone too far and is trying hard to rein it in. Once you’re at five scoops, though, it’s hard to even try and act normal.


Okay, so Nick Cage is just the meme and gif overlord. Fight me about it. After all, who can forget the iconic ”bees” scream? Except this time, it’s not bees he’s screaming about. It’s only too many scoops of pre-workout coursing through his veins and numbing his face.


Sometimes though, you take more than just too much – you take way too much. That vibrating isn’t just limited to your face, my friends. The answer? Work it off!


Because if you work out long enough, you’ll just pass out peacefully at home, right? Not always. If you take too much, you can crash and burn like this poor guy. Too much pre-workout, not enough actual sleep. Let’s just hope someone figured out how to get him home!


We all know that person who wants to hang with the pre-workout pros and take a full serving, but just can’t seem to handle it. Remember, every body’s different! If your dead lifter friend caps out at 120 pounds, chances are you need to tell them to cut down – they can’t handle two scoops!


Or they may end up like this. Rough. Your first time exceeding the label’s (or your body’s) recommendation can be tough. Eventually, however, you recover – although your muscles may be killing you the next couple of days because of how overload you went.


This one is my favorite. When you are the keeper of the pre-workout keys, there aren’t many things that feel more godlike than granting your friends a burst of power. Go, my friends. Work hard. Thank me tomorrow.


But at the end of the day, whether you’re a god or Forrest Gump, your energy will fade. And when you get in the pre-workout zone, sometimes you don’t even notice how much time has passed until you’re sitting there dazed like Forrest himself. After all, we all get tired eventually…


…eventually being the key word there. Sometimes it seems like you just can’t shake that pre-workout fever! If you’re lying in bed, I guess you could always get back up and work it off.

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