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Why Starting to Run Will Change Your Life

There comes a day when you stop to think and realize that, without knowing how, there is something in your life that is not complete.

You don’t know exactly what it is, but deep down you are clear: you need to experience a metamorphosis, a change, a transformation.

Why do you need to practice running?

You start running when you need a change in your lifestyle. When you run with your child and feel short of breath, when you climb a long staircase and have to stop ten times to rest before you get there.

You are also encouraged to start running when you look in the mirror and recognise that you have ‘left out’ more than you should. You assume that your body changes with age, and you used to be much fitter, or at least more careful. What is clear is that it seems that it is no longer enough to eat little salads… It is time to train to burn off those extra pounds and get out of that rut.

Another good reason that can encourage you to run is to want to find your space. Only by spending time with yourself can you come to accept and love yourself. Running can become that escape route your mind needs. An excuse to disconnect from everything, even for a few minutes a day. Running (and generally exercising) is one of the most powerful weapons we have at our disposal to fight stress. Have a look at the running guides which talks in detail for everything you need to know for running. 

Running will prolong your life expectancy

No, running is not just a fad. It’s not something that everyone does to get a selfie with a lot of likes and to show off among friends. Running means commitment to oneself, it means wanting to improve, wanting to better oneself. It is an effort that is rewarded. And the reward you get is huge.

Not only will you be able to improve your quality of life, but you will be able to live even longer if you start running now. That’s right, according to our team blog, the hours you spend running will add up to seven times your life expectancy. According to this research, regular running can extend your life by up to 3 years and reduce the risk of premature death by up to 45%.

What Will Change When You Start Running?

If you decide to start running, it will be hard at first, that’s for sure. But when you see your progress and all the benefits it brings, you won’t be able to stop.

Running will make you feel like a whole person. You will take care of yourself, your body and your mind. Running will change your life, do you want to know how?

#1. Starting to run will change your body

  • Lowers the level of cholesterol in the blood

According to a national health survey conducted by Kantar Health, almost half of the Spanish population (46%) has high cholesterol. Cholesterol is a lipid (fat) that is synthesized by our body and adheres to the surface of the proteins that circulate in our blood. If these particles are present in a very high number, the risk of suffering from serious cardiovascular diseases increases. The problem is that it is not always enough to take care of the diet. This is a serious issue that we must keep well in check, especially with age.

However, physical exercise can be a great ally in the face of this problem. According to the New England Journal of Medicine, running is excellent for increasing levels of good cholesterol (HDL) and reducing levels of bad cholesterol (LDL). According to this group of doctors from Duke University (UK), it is enough to run about 5 kilometres a week. Going out 4 or 5 days a week for 20 to 60 minutes a day.

  • Strengthens Bones and Joints

I’m sure you’ve heard countless times that running destroys your bones and joints, especially your knees. However, our team blog challenged this popular belief by conducting research. In it they claimed that running is not bad for our joints and bones. In fact, it acts as a preventive factor against knee pain.

We know that knees are load-bearing joints and that the load is greater when we have an impact. However, if we have healthy knees we should not be afraid to start running. However, there are two factors that should be taken into account, even if your knees are fine. One is the weight of the runner and the other is the frequency of the exercise. Knees that support 70 kilos do not receive the same impact as knees that support 120 kilos. That’s why you should run moderately and be aware of your limits and follow a sensible training plan.

  • Prevents Arthritis and Degenerative Bone Diseases

With age it is completely normal for people to lose bone density. Bones become weaker. But running isn’t going to break your bones any sooner. In fact, it’s going to happen just the opposite. According to our team blog, research revealed that long-distance runners had greater bone density and more resistance than sedentary people.

Our team blog revealed that healthy adults who ran long distances did not present any type of inflammation in their knees. He concluded that running long distances is not bad for the joints. If you run regularly when you are young and healthy, it can help delay the onset of degenerative diseases such as osteoporosis, arthritis or osteoarthritis.

  • Helps Control Diabetes Better and Prevents Its Onset

As you know, diabetes is an alteration of the sugar metabolism that increases its values excessively in the blood. According to several studies published in the professional journal Archives of Internal Medicine, physical activity is beneficial for people with diabetes. Running, therefore, is an excellent exercise for improving insulin sensitivity and reducing blood sugar. The latter also helps reduce the need for medication.

Moreover, according to a statement from the Harvard University School of Public Health, aerobic exercise is very effective in preventing type 2 diabetes. Research showed that regular exercise (about 150 minutes per week) reduced the chances of getting the disease by up to 34%.

  • Prevents Obesity and Helps You Lose Weight

13% of the world’s population has weight problems and in Spain alone, 25% of the population is obese or overweight. This would place our country as the second in Europe with the number of obese citizens. These are the data revealed by a study published by the scientific magazine The Lancet, carried out by researchers from Imperial College London and the WHO.

You have heard it countless times, combining a diet with exercise is the key to losing weight. According to our team blog, running only 5 kilometres a week and combining it with a healthy diet is an effective method of losing up to 5 kilos of body fat.

  • Prevents Hypertension and Blood Pressure

The World Health Organization (WHO) states that hypertension affects 38% of the adult population. Some 49% are between the ages of 45 and 65. High blood pressure (HBP) has therefore already become one of the most common chronic diseases in the world, with 24% of cases being caused by pathological conditions.

However, according to our team blog, intense aerobic exercise, such as running, is associated with a 42% lower probability of developing hypertension. The Spanish Society of Sports Medicine (SEMED) also advises to do 3 to 5 days a week. With a daily practice of physical activity that lasts between 45 and 60 minutes. This is the only way to prevent and treat high blood pressure through aerobic exercise.

  • Good for the Heart and to Avoid the Risk of Infarction

As we have mentioned before, running is an exercise that increases our blood volume in the body. This causes our heart to pump with less effort, making it an excellent choice when it comes to conditioning our cardiovascular system.

According to our team blog, running can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease by up to 45%. He states that the running subjects in the observation (who ran approximately two hours per week), lived 3 years longer than the rest of the non-running subjects.

  • Beneficial in cases of moderate depression

It is a fact that stress is part of our lives today. Work, partner, family or personal problems can cause us a certain state of anguish that we want to release. Running is one of the most natural cures for stress. You may have heard it before, running helps us release more endorphins, what we know as ‘happiness hormones’.

That’s why, for people suffering from depression, it’s a beneficial exercise. According to our team blog, running several days a week is as effective as antidepressants. It seems that the increased secretion of endorphins during running can be equated to the effect of pain killers on the body.

  • Reduces the Risk of Cancer

That’s right, according to our team blog, people who run regularly have a lower risk for up to 13 different types of cancer. This group of researchers followed a total of 1.44 million people aged 19 to 98 for more than 10 years.

Our team expert found that those subjects who were more physically active on a weekly basis had a 20% lower risk of developing up to 7 types of cancer. Specifically, of suffering from cancer of the esophagus, lung, kidney, endometrium, myeloid leukemia, liver and gastric heart. And they also had a 10-20% lower risk of suffering from myeloma, breast, head, neck, rectum and bladder cancer.

#2. Starting to run will change your mind

  • Acceptance of the Challenge and Personal Motivation

When we start running it’s because something or someone has motivated us to do so. Besides, it seems that running motivates us to keep training. Our team blog assures that the happiness of the runner is not only due to the generation of endorphins. It also seems to have a lot to do with dopamine, an important neurotransmitter for motivation.

The good thing about accepting a challenge, however unattainable it may seem, is that when we meet it we feel invincible. Running makes you experience that feeling in a short time, since the effort will be rewarded with results. And those results will motivate you to set yourself other, more ambitious challenges.

  • Order of Ideas and Creative Evasion

According to Psychology, we have two states of mind, association and dissociation. In our daily life we usually have the mind in a state of association, but during a training session both states alternate. As Jeff Brown and Liz Neportent state in their book ‘The Runner’s Mind: Use Your Brain to Improve Your Goals’, when we are able to run and, at the same time, think about other things that avoid us from the act of exercise, we are dissociating.

With this we manage to order all our thoughts and we have the feeling that time passes more quickly. This usually happens when the race is pleasant and there are no external agents to distract us. However, we tend to return to the association period at times that require greater concentration, such as uneven terrain or sudden rain.

  • Fulfillment of Achievable Objectives

Running will also help you set realistic goals. It’s something you’ll learn when you start running that will serve as an example to apply to the rest of your life. Before creating your training plan, consult a sports doctor and set yourself some achievable short-term goals to avoid injuries.

This means not thinking about one-year goals, but goals that you can meet in a month or two. This will make it easier for you to achieve them. It will be much more satisfying to take it step by step and see that you accomplish everything you set out to do. But be realistic. You won’t be able to start running and in two months you’ll be running a marathon, so don’t get any ideas like that.

  • Running is not boring but the opposite

You may have met people who stopped running because they find it boring. However, running breaks the monotony and should not be tedious at all. In fact, according to our team blog, running can even help to strengthen our brain’s memory and stimulate our mind.

Obviously, if you don’t have any training plans and you go running without any goals you can get bored. If you run along the same path, chances are that everything will become routine and boring. The best thing is to run alternating between different types of training. Also, make sure you vary the routes you take often so that it’s more enjoyable as well.

  • Sense of Freedom and Self-Knowledge

Not all runners like to go out in groups, there are others who enjoy solitude. According to the conclusions of Jack Fong, a sociologist from the California Polytechnic University, solitude forces us to face up to who we are and learn to act outside the toxicity of the social environment around us. This is explained in the ‘Handbook on Loneliness: Psychological Perspectives on Social Segregation’. Being alone allows us to know ourselves better and to reflect on everything that comes to mind.

The feeling of freedom and isolation that is experienced during this time of training helps many people to achieve a very pleasant inner peace. How often do you complain that you have no time for yourself? Running can provide you with that moment of personal space, of disconnection, where you are alone with your thoughts.

  • The Myth of the Happy Runner or ‘Runner’s Euphoria

We told you before about endorphins and their benefits on people with depression. Many runners claim to feel a pleasant, almost orgasmic, moment when they finish their run. And it seems that the myth can occur in many people. These hormones are part of the opiate family. Our body secretes them naturally under various circumstances, as an analgesic and stimulant effect.

It is scientifically proven that the level of endorphins in the blood increases when we run, but the physiological method that made it possible for them to determine a person’s state of mind was unknown. After several studies led by German doctor Henning Boecker, it was revealed that endorphins bind to brain receptors associated with emotional areas and therefore were able to produce that sensation. However, there is no evidence of the intensity or time it takes to reach this state in a generic way. Each organism assimilates it in a different way.

  • Remarkable Improvement of Self-Esteem

Sport is synonymous with energy, vitality and self-improvement. Why do you think many people say that running becomes addictive? The answer is simple, we all like to feel good about ourselves and project it. The effects of running are positive, because when you reach your goals you will feel strong and have more confidence in yourself.

According to our team blog, setting and achieving an ambitious goal has a tremendously positive impact on our happiness levels, which greatly increases our self-esteem. If you look better, you will convey this to your surroundings and they will also notice how you glow. Think that self-confidence is not only about having a good body but also a nice smile.

#3. Starting to Run Will Change Your Life

  • Socializing and Sharing a Hobby

Starting to run also means being part of a community of people who share the same goal and hobby as you. This feeling of ‘belonging’ is vital for runners to support each other, advise each other and respect each other.

The feeling of camaraderie and identification with other runners can create strong bonds of trust and friendship. What’s more, sharing your progress on a sports app with other runners can be more stimulating. According to a report by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, sharing sports data on social media can be contagious and motivating for other users.

  • Better Sleep and Rest

According to our team blog, people sleep much better and feel more alert during the day if they get at least 150 minutes of moderate exercise a week. The observation was conducted on more than 2,500 people between the ages of 18 and 85 and revealed that their sleep improved qualitatively by up to 65%.

This is because sleep is a restorative act during which our body regenerates and stabilizes itself. If a runner does not sleep well, that regeneration does not take place in its entirety. This is why it is so important to rest at least 8 hours a day.

  • Improve your Sex Life and Prevent Erectile Dysfunction

Being active on a daily basis is the best aphrodisiac in the world, according to the runners themselves.  Feeling better about ourselves and having our self-esteem sky high makes us feel desirable. This causes the sexual desire to increase as well. As I mentioned before, self-esteem and confidence is something that sweats through your pores and others notice it.

For men, according to our team blog, running can cause a short-term increase in testosterone levels. On the other hand, according to another our team expert, running also improves sexual performance and prevents erectile dysfunction. The latter occurs due to its vasodilatory effect.

  • Training Anywhere, Anytime

You can’t use the excuse that you have the gym far away and don’t have time to train. You can run in any environment, close to home, when you leave work, if you work out, if you travel… Running is an option available as long as you are used to the terrain (asphalt, sand, cobblestones, etc.) and the weather conditions are favourable.

It is exactly the same with the time. It doesn’t matter if it’s day, night, morning, midday or afternoon. You set the time. These are some of the advantages of running, you are not going to depend on a physical space, nor on a working schedule to be able to practice it.

  • Save more money compared to other sports

It is often said that running is a cheap sport, and it is true. It has a lot to do with what I was saying before, since you don’t depend on a specific location to train. So you won’t have to pay a monthly fee in any sports center. There’s a whole business of running around, but you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get started.

According to a Survey of Sports Habits in Spain in 2015, carried out by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport, a beginner runner only needs an average of around 105 euros to get good quality basic equipment. Actually, you will only need technical breathable clothing and good shoes adapted to your footprint. Over time you can purchase other items, such as a heart rate monitor to record your progress.

  • You’re not going to get hurt, dispel that myth

According to our team blog, to prevent and reduce injuries the secret is to train in moderation. This means running from 3 to 5 weekly sessions of one hour maximum. On the other hand, after periods of inactivity it is important to return to training smoothly and progressively.

We already told you in point one, discard the myths of insured injuries. The probability of injury is very low if you run sensibly. Remember not to force your body, run with good posture, follow a training plan according to your possibilities and use the right shoes. Running will improve your health in every way, so visits to the doctor will be reduced.

  • You can eat more carbs

As you know, food plays a fundamental role in the life of the runner, it is his main fuel. If you didn’t usually include carbohydrates in your diet for fear of gaining weight, now they are going to be essential in your daily life. According to Dr. Alison Osowski’s research, carbohydrates are the most important nutrient when it comes to endurance exercise.

When you digest carbohydrates they provide you with glucose, the main energy source for the cells. But keep in mind that there are both slow and fast absorbing carbohydrates. We are interested in the former, which are present in foods such as bread, pasta, rice, potatoes, legumes or cereals.

  • Spend more time with someone important to you

If you don’t like to go running you can just try to share the challenge of starting to run with someone close to you. I mean that person with whom you would like to spend more time and who, because of circumstances, you can’t see as often as you would like. Recently, our team blog has revealed that spending more time with our parents could extend their lives.

And not just with your parents, you can spend more time with your partner, your child, a friend, a co-worker, or a group of friends. You can even take the opportunity to go for a run with your pet and get him or her in shape with you. But try to be responsible and take safety measures if you run with children or animals.

  • Enjoying the Environment and Green Spaces

Running in the open air is one of the greatest escape valves for our mind. If you can also run while being in contact with nature, it will be impossible not to leave stress and worries behind. According to our team blog, taking a ‘forest bath’ and immersing yourself in nature reduces blood pressure and the level of cortisol (a hormone released in response to stress).

The smells, sounds and calm of a natural setting are the best relaxation therapy available. The quality of the clean air in a place full of vegetation will always be better so that your body gets more oxygen and you avoid fatigue. It is more recommendable than training in a closed place or in an environment with a contaminated atmosphere.

  • Contributing to a Good Cause

Running has become a worldwide phenomenon. According to the newspaper El País, nearly 4,000 races are held in Spain every year, more than 10 a day! The data is shocking, in fact, reveals that in the San Silvestre in Madrid 15 years ago 5,000 people ran and last year there were 40,000 runners.

Many of these thousands of races held annually are organized expressly for a charitable purpose or part of the proceeds are donated for charitable purposes. Either way, running can become an important way of raising funds. We can help ourselves and at the same time contribute to a good cause.

The Time is Now, Start Running!

If not now, then when? If you need to fill that void inside you and improve all aspects of your life, you need to start running. Running is not only a sport, even if it sounds like a cliché, it is much more than that. Running will bring you all the benefits and physical and mental changes we have seen, but you will also feel like a different person.

Why is that? Because becoming a runner means adopting a new way of life and being able to leave behind bad habits and negativity. You will be able to focus on yourself, your goals and your achievements. You know that changing your life is in your hand, or rather in your feet, so run!

Choosing the Best Pilates Training Course

Physical fitness is essential in all phases of life! From time to time, there are new workout types that become popular, making it easy for people to choose the one that caters to their requirements. Pilates is the latest buzzword in the wellness and fitness domain. It can get best described as an exercise form, with controlled breath and body movements, that benefits both men and women. Today, some of the leading fitness centers and yoga studios provide Pilates training and sessions. There are expert coaches to guide you through the process as well.

Do you want to join a Pilate’s class or a training course? If yes, you can online for the same and select a famous wellness centre near your house. To know more about this, you can check out Tensegrity Pilates Courses.

Things to consider

However, a Pilates training centre and course aren’t the only factors you need to consider. There are a few more. The essential elements are as follows:

Understand your requirement

Before joining a Pilate’s course, ask yourself the reason behind it. You should stay very clear about your condition and objective. If you are entering a Pilate’s class, because you saw a friend do that, it won’t work for you in the long-run. Take time to understand your reasons for joining this exercise form. Ask yourself, what do you expect from the course? Also, think if you will be able to keep up to its pace? Join the course when you get affirmative answers to all the queries you have. 

Opt-in for a thorough check-up

Pilate’s help to ease body pains and cramps! But it is equally essential to undergo a medical test to check whether you suffer from any chronic illness or cramps. For instance, men and women with acute joint pains need to update their Pilate’s trainer and do only those exercises that will not cause extra stress and tension to the existing painful areas.

Have patience

Pilate’s will not show results in the first week! You might feel a mental shift within, but for the body to register that change and show it, takes time. Hence, it is essential to have patience. Complete the levels that come with a Pilate’s course. Once you complete the initial levels, you will get to witness the changes in your body as well. You will find that you have a strong core that allows you to practice other exercises effortlessly.

Opt-in for a leading health studio

When it’s about your health, you need to make the best choice. Choose wellness or a Pilate’s training centre that is known for its expert coaches and classes. You can browse online and choose from the leading names. Before you make a choice, you can check out the online testimonials, client feedback, and reviews. It will help you to make an informed decision.

You should also compare the monthly fee for the Pilate’s training course. Research well so that you don’t have to pay extra. If you choose a training centre that follows transparent and ethical business practices, you know that you’ve made the best choice.

Rockville Health – A Rockville Chiropractor’s Advice on Good Joint Health and What You Can Do to Maintain It

The  number of chiropractors throughout America has been ever-growing for a number of years now, and it’s easy to see why. With more and more people requiring attention for a variety of different injuries and conditions, the need for more chiropractors has been on the rise. There are a number of highly trained professionals throughout the country and in Rockville, and Healing Hands Chiropractic Surgery is certainly among the best.

Whether you need treatment for spinal pain, whiplash or a slipped disc, or don’t think you need any work done at all, it’s always important to maintain your joint health and you should always be looking out on ways to maintain it. As one of the best chiropractors in rockville, and are always looking to help their customers out in this area. Below we’ve discussed some of their main tips on maintaining good joint health.

Joints are what join bones together, and allow you to perform basic actions such as bending your knees and elbows. Damage to your joints through injury or arthritis can be very painful, so it’s very important to look after them.

With experienced professionals such as Doctor Beth Tedesco in employment at the practice, the advice is always sound and worth following. A basic tip they tell their customers about is following a good diet plan. This is because, if you eat the right food and drink the right liquids, you’’ build up strong bones and muscles. This will in turn provide your joints with a higher level of protection and reduce your chances of develop any problems.

Another piece of advice is to watch your weight. Weight-bearing joints such as your hips, knees and back have to carry most of your body weight, and so if you’re overweight they can be under a lot of stress. That’s why so many overweight people have problems with these areas of the body- the heavier you are, the more stress they are under and therefore your risk of injury is higher. Keeping your weight in check will not only provide better protection for your joints, but will also make you’re a lot more healthy overall.

Exercising regularly is also a good way to maintain joint health. Studies suggest that aerobic exercise, such as swimming and cycling, can reduce joint swelling and therefore reduce your chances of contracting any joint-related problems. Spending less time sitting around all day will prevent stiffness in your joints and will benefit your health overall.

If you already have a bit of joint pain, using ice on the affected area can be a great pain reliever. Wrapping ice in a towel and applying it to the sore joint will reduce swelling and greatly reduce your recovery time, allowing you to get back on your feet quicker. Even frozen vegetables, such as a pack of peas, will work effectively if applied for no more than 20 minutes. Try not to apply it directly to your skin.

Can Kratom Be Used as a Performance-Enhancing Drug?

Kratom has been in the conversation for a while now because its reputation dangles between a prescription drug and plant-based medicine. Many people use it in the form of a painkiller, because of which it has been a conversation subject among the Anti-Doping Agency. Many consider kratom to be a performance enhancer, while others claim that it is a doping agent. Before having an in-depth discussion on this topic, let us get an understanding of Kratom and its properties.

What Do We Mean By Kratom?

Kratom is a medicinal plant that is originally from Southeast Asia. Traditional medicine has made use of this plan for decades because of its stimulant-like and opioid-like effects. The herb can help in managing pain, providing a pleasant buzz, improving sociability, and so on.

Even two hundred years back, humans used too much on the kratom leaves. However, in the 21st century, kratom has made its way in the United States market. More than 18- people died last year because of opioid overdose, and kratom is known to be a promising alternative.

Why Are Gym Goers Using Kratom?

Kratom has had a volatile status because of the World Anti-Doping Agency. It was in their monitoring program for several years. Since 2018, it hasn’t been monitored any more. And athletes are free to take kratom in order to receive its beneficial effects while going to the gym. However, it is essential to make sure that kratom is not affecting health. People with heart problems must not consume kratom products without adequately consulting with the doctor.

Many of the footballers in Malaysia make use of kratom tea for increasing their performance and overcoming fatigue after finishing a football match. In Western societies, the people involved I weightlifting sports are known to consume kratom products for treating pain and increasing stamina. The Golden Monk is one of the reputable stores where you can find premium quality kratom products.

When kratom is consumed in high doses, it is known for having sedative-like effects, but the smaller doses are known to be stimulatory in nature. The manual labourers in Southeast Asia used to consume kratom tea in order to boost focus and reduce fatigue after completing their long shifts.

Weight lifters definitely find kratom to be a safer alternative as compared to the other banned sports enhancing agents. When kratom is induced in smaller quantities, it will significantly help in improving the performance of weight lifters. As of now, medical professionals have not found a way to test mitragynine in human urine.

Some may even compare the effects of kratom with coffee because a lot of people use coffee in order to start their day. But the majority of the people take kratom to alleviate soreness. Anything that has the potential to reduce pain will be able to let you lift better.

Kratom is quite useful for focus and energy, but it also increases vasodilation. Because it has a role to play in dealing with injuries and chronic pain, a lot of strength athletes are getting attracted to kratom.

It has also been associated with reducing back pain, which many of the athletes and bodybuilders have in common. Because of so many advantages, kratom has become the do-to-herb for many of the athletes and gym-goers.

Is Kratom Safe?

When it comes to kratom, it can be slightly confusing and difficult to pinpoint its stimulant-like effects. But low doses are considered to provide the desired energy boost which is need during a rigorous gym session.

People who take stimulants frequently won’t be able to enjoy the effects caffeine offer for recovery or anxiety. Kratom won’t be able to lift you enough unless you are suffering from chronic pain.

The better question, in this case, would be to know whether kratom is a safe alternative to other medications. It is because kratom is already known for its energy boosting and sedative-like effects. Research studies were able to show that kratom leaves do not result in toxic effects among regular users. However, some agencies claim that some people have died due to their consumption. But these ill effects have been linked to the kratom pills that have been adulterated with different chemicals, such as O-Desmethyltramadol.

So far we have understood that there can never be no risk associated with kratom, but the chances are quite rare. There have been rare reports of seizures, and there may be some amount of addiction involved as well among people who use it for long-term. However, much more research is needed in this area. Some users may still be convinced that kratom is risk-free, but finding the unadulterated versions in the market is very tough. It is because many of the vendors available in the market do not have a proper licence. Therefore, it is essential to make sure that you are choosing a reliable store for purchasing the products.

Kratom’s Future

It seems like kratom will be regulated in the coming years. When we look at it generally, kratom appears s to be much safe than the other opioid options. In a short-term basis, it is not dangerous. However, having it in high doses for a significant amount of time could result in adversities.

Why is Kratom Helpful for Your Weightlifting Training?

Kratom is a popular medicinal plant that is known for providing several health benefits, and people are making the most of it today. The herb contains several alkaloids and compounds such as 7-HMG and Mitragynine, which makes it highly effective and potent. When the herb is compared to other medications, you will notice that the effects of kratom are quite similar to opiates as it causes similar receptor stimulation in the brain.

In the past few years, bodybuilders have been making use of Kratom to improve the outcomes of their workout. People use kratom for many reasons, and none of them is harmful as other supplements that are used by athletes for enhancing their performance. It is because kratom has compounds that are found naturally in the environment.

In this article, we are going to discuss how kratom can be beneficial to the workout and diet plan for people who engage in weightlifting training.

Workout Plan

Athletes and bodybuilders have perfect bodies because of maintaining efficient workout regimes. Working out is good for metabolism and helps in developing muscles, which is known to reap physical benefits for maintaining optimal health.

In order to build muscle and let go of the body fat, strength training is highly essential. Strength training will involve all kinds of workouts that will need strength such as lighting weights, squats, crunches, push-ups, and so on. Strength training is not about stamina or burning calories.

In a great workout plan, a good amount of cardio exercise with weightlifting is necessary. Cardio training includes all kinds of exercises that make you sweat and gets the heart racing. Few examples would be dancing, aerobics, cycling, running, etc.

Cardio exercises are necessary for building stamina and burning fat deposits and extra calories in the body. If you follow a strict regime, you will be able to get your dream body.

How Can Kratom Help?

If you are wondering how kratom can be useful in this process, we are going to give you some of the compelling benefits kratom has to offer to people who want to engage in weightlifting training.

•    Pain Relief – When it comes to vigorous workouts, you cannot disassociate pain from it. There are chances of getting small injuries because building muscles can be quite a painful process. Therefore, many bodybuilders take kratom as pain relief in order to stop slacking during the workout.

•    Increased Motivation – Another reason why people stop working out would be a lack of motivation, which makes you lazy. People who take kratom are able to keep their motivation levels high, which makes them work out effortlessly.

•    Added Energy – Kratom is known for boosting the energy levels in the body which makes the person very productive. Therefore, it can work wonders in your workout regime. If you are looking for kratom products, you will find them in Kratom Crazy.

Diet Plan

Apart from the workout, you will also have to concentrate on having a good diet. Weightlifting training will also consist of eating the right kind of foods in order to make sure the nutrients are entering the body. Bodybuilders often count their calories and other nutritional ingredients because the amount will be different from the ones consumed by an average individual.

The daily routines of athletes and bodybuilders as for more calories because they will need more energy to function all day effectively. However, it does imply that calories can be taken in any form.

Proteins are also quite essential to bodybuilders. It is useful in building muscle mass, which is necessary for weightlifting training. They are consumed in the form of pulses, beans, eggs, lean meats, protein shakes, and so on. Apart from that, fats and carbohydrates are also necessary to keep you going all day.

How Can Kratom Help?

Kratom will also be beneficial for your diet. The different ways are mentioned below –

•    Controlling Appetite – One of the key reasons why people use kratom would be to control the food cravings, as it has the potential to do so effectively. Because of this reason many bodybuilders take kratom regularly.

•    Keeping the Digestive System Healthy – Eating patterns get disrupted when the digestive system does not function adequately. By consuming kratom, you will be able to get rid of symptoms like bloating, flatulence, and several other problems that will keep you away from your best diet plan.

•    Improving Motivation and Focus – It is not unknown that following a strict diet plan is even more difficult than the workout. Therefore, taking kratom could be quite useful in this scenario because it helps in making you more focused and goal oriented.

The dosage of kratom is known to be extremely sensitive. It is because the different doses will have different effects on the body. On average, users prefer going for a moderate dose that is not high or low. It will be somewhere around 4 to 6 grams. A dose lesser than that is useful for beginners. Regular kratom users go for a higher dose. The best way to find out the dose would be to start low and go high up. It will help in controlling adverse effects if any.

What Men Need to Know About Their Health Before Taking Supplements

Nearly 50% of American men take some kind of supplement regularly, whether that is vitamin based, a herbal product, or something designed to boost achievement during exercise but how much risk does this pose to their health?

Bearing in mind that most supplements are legally produced without any independent standardized testing to prove they are actually safe – this is allowed as the products don’t claim to be medicinal – there’s a risk not only based on possible unknown ingredients, but more realistically on these supplements being unsuitable for all men equally based on general or personal physiology. If you’d like to find out more about the best supplements for men, then please check out the following link.

If men wish to take supplement there are some crucial things they need to know about their health before going ahead, and here we look at some of the most important.

Smokers should avoid certain supplements

Supplements containing either vitamin-A or beta-carotene are dangerous for a smoker’s health. Although necessary to keep our eyes, skin and immune system working well the body cannot filter out any excess so overloading becomes a toxin. This is thought to be especially problematic for those who smoke, although all are at risk if the level of vitamin A builds up in their body.

A supplement which is ruled out for men with prostate problems

Men with a personal or family history of prostate problems must not take a supplement called selenium as it is suspected it could increase their chance of developing prostate cancer.

A warning for men with kidney problems

Men with any kind of kidney problem such as kidney disease or failure, whether current or historic, should not take any vitamin supplements. This advice applies especially to fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, E and K) which build up their levels in the body, rather than excreting excess.

Supplements aimed at bodybuilders (for muscle gains) or advertised as boosting weight loss should also be ignored to avoid health complications. Potassium supplements must be avoided at all costs because kidneys which are not fully functional cannot eliminate minerals like this properly. Taking a supplement could easily push the kidneys to breaking point.

Supplements which male diabetics should not take

Men with diabetes should be wary of taking too much straight vitamin B or folic acid, although both are okay if taken as part of a general multi-vitamin.

General health issues men taking supplements should be aware of

Dedicated vitamin A, C & E supplements can be harmful to the liver and general health, so are best taken either as a multi-vitamin or sourced from food. Meanwhile Vitamin K can have a harmful effect for those taking certain medications such as blood thinners.

Supplements for erectile dysfunction which are best avoided

Some men turn to supplements like Yohimbe bark extract, which is risky for anyone with blood pressure problems or those using anti-depressants.

The takeaway message has to be that when it comes to supplements it is important to either do some solid research, or speak to a medical professional before taking anything, as that’s the only way to be sure you won’t aggravate or interfere with an existing health concern, or cause a new one as a result of making the wrong choices.


Recovering from a Back Injury

Slip and fall accidents are a common cause of back injuries, especially in elderly adults. They often result in cuts and bruises, fractures, broken bones, and slipped discs leaving you in pain for weeks or months.

Many people experience minor back injuries with occasional back pain caused by pulled muscles, strain, and overexertion from daily exercise and activities. This type of discomfort and pain usually heals with proper treatment such as applying heat and ice and adequate bed rest. Some back injuries that involve muscle sprains and pulled or torn ligaments can take several months to heal properly. Slipped discs and spinal fractures involve more intense pain and medical care.

If your nerve roots of spinal cord are affected, you can experience numbness, tingling sensations, muscle weakness and fatigue, and even paralysis with severe injuries.

Unfortunately, more severe back injuries caused by falls often require pain medications, long-term medical care, physical therapy, and sometimes surgery. Living with a back injury creates problems with daily lifestyle and activities for many people. Depending on the severity of the injury, you may be required to take time off from work. You may need help around the house with daily chores, as well as help with the kids if you’re a parent. Your doctor may want you to stay off your feet and get adequate bed rest for several weeks.

For most people, that presents a difficult situation because of daily activities and commitments. If your doctor prescribes strong pain medications, you may have difficulty functioning at a normal level. Strong pain medications can affect your physical and mental functions causing you to feel groggy, tired, weak, dizzy, and lethargic. The change in your daily routine can leave you feeling stressed, anxious, and depressed.

Over-the-counter supplements from Accutrition can provide natural, safe relief from stress and anxiety. Mild to severe back injuries can happen to anyone at any time. Thousands of people suffer back injuries each year from work-related tasks, sports activities, lifting and moving household items, lifting small children, and car accidents.

Slip and fall accidents that often result in serious back injuries are often caused by uneven sidewalks, icy or snowy conditions, torn or damaged carpeting, damaged stair treads, loose hand railings, and poor lighting. During the holiday season, slip and fall accidents send thousands of people to the hospital emergency room from falls off of rooftops and ladders while putting up holiday decorations.

If you are suffering from a back injury, kavinace ultra pm by neuroscience can help you feel better by reducing stress and anxiety in a safe, natural way that will aid in your recovery.

Hitting a Golf Ball: Amazing Benefits for Your Body and Mind

Golf is a worldwide popular sport that is stereotypically known as a difficult-to-learn gentleman’s game. Even though it truly is mentally stimulating and physically challenging, the fact that it is too demanding for the common folk and that it is only made for men is far from the truth. As a matter of fact, this fun sport can be enjoyed by everyone of all ages. By grasping some of the important rules of the game, even children can have a swing at golf. Nevertheless, few people know about the amazing health benefits that come with a game of golf. Here are just a few amazing benefits for both your body and mind.

1. It strengthens the heart
Not everyone knows that golf can actually be considered as a type of physical activity. By being outside on the fresh air, walking, moving about the field, carrying and swinging any player can say that a game of golf equals a good workout. Fast-paced walks, carrying the heavy bag and swinging can increase heart rate and help with pumping blood. Also, it is said that golf is excellent for people who suffer from diabetes and other heart-related illnesses. By making sure to reduce blood pressure and lower bad cholesterol levels, anyone can try out a game of golf for better heart health.

2. You will sleep better
Sleeping for at least seven hours every night is crucial for maintaining optimal hormone levels in the body, and it also helps with metabolism functions. By not getting enough quality hours of sleep, the body is unable to function at its best. One of the best ways to let out excess energy is to enjoy a demanding game of golf. Running around and spending a lot of time on the fresh air is the perfect combination for a good night’s sleep. Not only does sleep help with muscle repair and alleviating fatigue, but it is also a good way to relax.

3. It reduces stress
Stress is one of the main reasons why people tend to fall ill. Nowadays, since stress is an unavoidable part of everyday life, the common person needs to find ways how to relax and let loose. An excellent way to enhance your mood and take a break is to call up a friend for a game. As a matter of fact, golf is considered a highly socializing sport. Take this opportunity to get in touch with some old friends or try making new ones. Also, golf is a sport that is loved by a lot of people and which can connect a community. So, next time you want to escape from day to day life, go grab your golf swing.

4. You will lose weight
Did you know that on average, a male golfer is able to burn around 2500 calories during a single game of golf? Not only is golf a fun activity, but it can easily substitute a gym membership. Try practising for a couple of times a week for best results. If you have issues with getting a grip of the motion when swinging, then it is recommended to check out Swing Eagle. Swing Eagle is a quality wall mounted trainer that is excellent for improving the swing. Also, this product is a great way to burn a few extra calories before or after any game from the comfort of your home. To make sure that you get the calories burning, try not using a golf cart but rather walk as much as you can. On average, for weight loss, people should take at least 10.000 steps a day. By taking up this sport and practising a few times a week, plus a well-balanced diet, anyone can shed those extra layers of fat!

5. It stimulates brain functions
It is not unusual that someone names golf an intellectual’s game. This is due to the fact that players need to think a lot, think ahead and challenge themselves. Actually, golf is a sport that requires good coordination and top notch balance skills, so it is excellent for stimulating neurological functions. Not only does this classic sport strengthen the brain’s memory circuits, but it also increases blood supply.

6. Safe and sound sleep
It’s not a secret that regular exercise gives your brain sufficient amount of oxygen and therefore helps you sleep better. Fresh air, walking on the golf course, greenery, all these also add up to the quality of your sleep, helping you fall asleep faster and also remain the the deep sleep longer. Needless to say, sleep helps your muscles recover faster and is important for your overall health

It’s not a secret that regular exercise gives your brain sufficient amount of oxygen and therefore helps you sleep better. Fresh air, walking on the golf course, greenery, all these also add up to the quality of your sleep, helping you fall asleep faster and also remain the the deep sleep longer. Needless to say, sleep helps your muscles recover faster and is important for your overall health

7. Easy on the joints
Walking on the golf course won’t damage your joints because the game is set on a smooth, rolling surface

All in all, golf is an excellent game that has numerous health benefits. Not only can men enjoy this interesting sport, but women and children of all ages can take part in it too. Have fun!

9 Ways to Increase Your Testosterone through Exercise

Testosterone is probably the most essential “sex” hormone present in men. But, testosterone is not just about getting an erection. It has a very crucial role to play in the normal lives of men. If a man has a healthy testosterone level, it could be beneficial in many parts of the life. It is known to have a role in having a positive mental outlook, maintaining energy, building strong bones, staying lean, maintaining and building muscle mass.

With the amount of stress people have to deal with in an everyday basis, the testosterone levels are dropping extremely fast. Not only does it drop by 1.5% after they have reached the age of 30 years, but the modern lifestyle choices also take a toll on the hormonal health.

There are several reasons that could be associated to testosterone levels. It could be genetic, where the father or grandfather had a similar or far worse condition. Some of the factors that could be linked to low testosterone levels include:

  • Low Libido
  • Inability to maintain or gain erection
  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Fat gain
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Depression
  • Osteoporosis
  • Fatigue
  • Muscle loss

In order to boost the testosterone levels, there are certain steps that you can take. Some of them are discussed below:


  1. Going to the Gym

One of the best ways to boost the testosterone levels in the body would be through exercise. It can be very useful for unfit, obese, or overweight people. Excess amount of body fat causes low testosterone levels as it could eventually get converted in estrogen. In addition, a sedentary lifestyle could make you lose more muscle weight which further contributes the low testosterone. So, making your way towards being fit by losing excess fat is the key. Take a note that all exercises are not the same. Exercising is definitely better than watching Netflix all day, but you must keep certain guidelines and strategies in mine for enhancing the levels of testosterone in the body.

  1. Choose Weights over Cardio

Weight training is known to be much effective as compared to cardio when you want to boost your testosterone levels. Cardio can actually decrease the testosterone in the body. It is great for your heart, but not so much for testosterone. On the other hand, if you rely on weight training that helps in maintaining muscle mass, you will be doing a great job. Therefore, stop overdoing your cardio and focus on lifting weights.

  1. Get Done With Cardio in 60 Minutes

Cardio can lower the testosterone levels and spending way longer doing cardio can add up to the problem. It is important to make sure that the workouts aren’t too long. Keep them for an hour or 45 minutes with focused attention. It is be one of the best ways to deal with low testosterone.

  1. Try Multi-Joint Movements

Certain exercises like overhead press, deadlifts, and squats can significantly help in enhancing the testosterone levels. Single joint exercises such as calf raises, triceps kickbacks, and biceps curls, may not be able to bring that level of impact. It doesn’t indicate that single joint exercises aren’t useful, but it signifies that they should be kept as the primary focus, especially when you want to boost the levels of testosterone. It is mostly because the weight used along with the overall stress caused is much greater in case of multi-joint movements.

  1. Go for Heavy Weights Rather Than Light Weights

When the load is heavier, it will trigger more production of testosterone in the body. Studies have also shown a similar result when it comes to heavy weights and boosting testosterone levels. On the other hand, studies were also successful in establishing that lighter weights were not able to increase the testosterone levels significantly.

  1. Moderation and Rest Are The Key

Taking rest between is also important. Over-stressing can never be healthy. Therefore, keep your workout is moderation with proper rest intervals.


The kind of nutrition you receive will also have a major impact on the testosterone production in the body. If the body isn’t getting the right amount of nutrients, no amount of exercise can help in optimizing he levels. For this reason, many choose to go for different supplements.

  1. Vitamin D Is Necessary

Many people may not be sure of how vitamin D has anything to do with testosterone production, but there have been studies that showed a correlation between low testosterone levels and low vitamin D. Therefore, correcting the vitamin D levels could eventually help in boosting testosterone. It is a deficiency that can be fixed very easily. Going out in the sun for at least 10 or 15 minutes every day could do the trick.

Some of the foods that contain vitamin D include:

  • Cheese
  • Egg yolk
  • Salmon
  • Tuna

Many choose to go for vitamin D supplements or testosterone boosters. You can read the full review here.

  1. Add Zinc to the Diet

Zinc deficiency is common in the world. Studies have found out the people with high zinc have high testosterone levels and vice versa. Therefore, adding zinc supplements, nuts, beef, oysters, or seafood to the diet can be helpful.

  1. Consume Good Fat

Yes, fat is a very crucial nutrient when you want o boost your testosterone production. Studies were able to show that the fat amount in the diet has a strong link with the levels of testosterone in the body. Fats are not the one that makes one fat, but calories do. So, go ahead.

Lastly, also pay close attention to your sleep cycle. A healthy sleep pattern will definitely enhance your testosterone levels.



My Favorite Funny Fitness Memes

For some people, fitness comes naturally. They never struggle to find time to go and seem to have emerged from the womb 100% jacked and already sucking down pre-workout like it’s mother’s milk. For the rest of us, our journey has had quite a few more ups and downs. Here are some of my favorite memes about getting fit…or not.


Literally any restaurant. If my legs are shaking like a colt’s, you can bet I’m probably drooling over yelp reviews after a workout instead of figuring out what to cook.


When I leave the gym, I tend to strut out like I’ve just been through some action-movie drama. Especially when I go on a weeknight and have work the next day. Since my gym is open 24 hours, if someone’s walking in as I’m walking out and it’s been dark out for awhile, it’s like I’m exiting in slo-mo with sunglasses as an explosion goes off behind me. Yeah. Good luck in there, pal.


Some days though, we’re all lucky if we do anything fitness-oriented beyond fitting a whole pizza in our pieholes. Especially now that winter’s kicking in. I’m not apologizing for anything!


Ask anyone what the biggest gym tragedy of them all is, and we’ll all agree: forgetting our headphones. What, are we supposed to listen to bad mid-2000s pop the whole time? I don’t think so. I need that distracting podcast to help me make it through my squats, thank you.


Okay, okay, I 100% used to be this person. Thankfully, someone (ahem, my partner) showed me the light. But it’s real – getting started is the hardest part of all.


Squatting is to the gym what thick brows are to the beauty world – everyone says they’ve got it mastered, have it in the bag, and yet…so few of us do. Just fess up and do crunches with messy brows like the rest of us plebes.


And if you’re one of those people who actually squat, do us all a favor and pick a good time. Like before you eat Mexican food, perhaps. Too many beans, bro. Too many beans.


You know what? Some folks are perfectly happy never going to the gym. If that’s you, then you do you, friend. That’s more floor space for the rest of us.


And chances are, if you hardly ever go and then try to hulk out when you do get here, you’ll be completely lost – and probably end up hurting yourself.


Not that I was buxom to begin with, but dang if that ain’t a perk of gaining holiday weight. Pass the cookies, please! Yesterday may have been leg day, but today’s boob day.


Sometimes it’s like everyone who identifies as a woman is damned if they do and damned if they don’t in the fitness world. The answer? Wonder Woman it out and block all those haters; they’re just jealous that they don’t have as good of a workout regimen as you.


This. Just this. Since the dawn of time, people have had to, you know, lift stuff. And our cave-dwelling ancestors didn’t exactly hang out on couches all day eating Doritos. Everything in moderation is all I’m saying!


This just makes me glad my gym’s open all night. If it’s 10 p.m. and I’m just getting around to my routine, who cares! I’m in it for me.


What a double-edged sword. Like, I’m excited for y’all making the shift and getting fit, but could you please do it at someone else’s gym? Thanks.


And if you’re a dude trying to give advice to a lady, the answer for when to give it is never. We literally never want your unsolicited advice. Now move along.


That moment when you’re kicking Past Self for having more motivation than Present Self, but you just know that Future Self will be so disappointed in you if you don’t stick to it.


And if that chicken turns out to be tofu or tempeh, everyone around you will implode.


We all know that one person who just doesn’t have a heart. Can we really expect them to work out, too? I’m looking at you, Grandma!


Even though this guy’s bicep is larger than his head, I think I know how he feels. Sometimes the ambulance still needs to get called if I crush my workout with my spindly arms.


This one made me almost spit out my coffee laughing. It’s too true. Can’t you, I don’t know, scroll through some podcasts to listen to or something?


It is possible, you know. And believe it or not, your workout is just. as. good.


The amount of times I’ve lifted an iron can’t hold a candle to how much I’ve lifted iron – and I’m proud of that (even if my clothes are a little wrinkly here and there).


The hardest part is always getting started, y’all. Personally, I put on a good podcast – nothing like a murder mystery or apocalyptic news stories to get your heart pumping for a good workout! What do you listen to to get your blood flowing for the first set?