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Feeling pretty good today, pain-free and really happy about finishing my latest 5k run last weekend with a good time. It was a fundraiser for cancer research and it had a great turn out for it and the weather couldn’t have been better. I love it when it all comes together.

They had great swag bags for all the participants and volunteers, which I always enjoy. Not that that is the reason to do the runs, but I feel like I am appreciated and it’s always nice to receive a little something for your efforts.

My first favorite item is a metal water bottle. The metal is a great idea, and I discovered one of my beer cozies will fit on it so i can keep things warm or cold in it. Another great feature is it has a really strong cap, with a carabiner clip and a round key ring, as well. The cap has a hole so you can attach it while running and keep your keys there, too. It’s a good size and I think I will get a lot of use out of it, even when not running. I actually have gone through quite a few, my last one made the water taste of plastic and I couldn’t get that taste out. I had one come to it’s untimely end when my daughter inadvertently stepped on it where it had rolled to the backseat of the car.

The second one was a gift certificate for a favorite sporting goods store that i get stuff at all the time. It’s good for a year, too, so I have time to get something I want and need. Some people don’t like gift certificates, but I love them.

A ballcap with the race logo, it came in several colors and the one I got was red but I traded with my friend for the lime green one. I almost always wear a cap when I run, so this will get a lot of use in my house. Rain, sun, keeps my hair out of my face, keeps the sweat off my face, who doesn’t love a good running hat?

A first aid kit was in there, which I thought was a great idea. I keep one in my car, just for the smaller things I might need for me or anyone else, so this is a great treat. It’s compact as it is, but it has a small, waterproof pack inside where you can get a few bandages, tape and any other small items you might think you will need.

The fifth item was a mylar emergency blanket, which I love. It’s amazing how warm it keeps you, and keeps the rain off, as well. I had one before that just sort of disappeared so this will be a welcome replacement. I will keep it in my car with all my other running gear and the new first aid kit and my extra shoes and socks.

Overall, an almost perfect day. We managed to raise money for a great cause and got in a good run. The crowd was big and enthusiastic and they had a nice after race BBQ with entertainment and stuff for the kids.

Have a great weekend!

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