bum leg

Just an update with my foot, it’s slowly getting better. I don’t wear the boot any longer and have been walking as much as I can. I have been doing other exercises, anything that doesn’t agitate the foot, so I don’t feel so guilty about not moving at all.

I will start running again as soon as I feel like I am able, and have been using equipment like spinning and ellipticals and doing yoga. Checking my calendar, I just realized I have a big race in a few months that I booked almost a year ago. But, it turns out that my youngest has a recital at school that same weekend, and it’s also my brother’s birthday. All the same weekend. All in different cities.

The worst part is I really need to do all three. My daughter has been working really hard for this and there is no way we can miss it. My brother is having a small party for his birthday, but as it’s his 40th, we are planning a big surprise for him. (Don’t worry, he doesn’t read my blog) and the race is something I really want to do, plus I have already registered and paid my entrance fee.

I’m pretty sure we can swing it all, the recital is on the Friday, the race will be in the morning of the saturday and the birthday bash is later on the Saturday. The times would all work, if it was all happening in the same city! But it isn’t. It isn’t that far to get to the race and then to my brother’s party, but I was hoping to have a bit of a relax after the race.

As it is, I will have to tear home, clean up, dress, get the kids ready and then all of us out the door to the party. I guess it isn’t a crime if we are late, but I really want to be there for the jumping out and screaming ‘surprise’ part and so do the kids.

As long as nothing else comes up and everything runs smoothly, we should be able to get it al in and enjoy it all.

Oh, well. I guess all we can do is try and See How It Goes!

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