summer drinks

Happy Friday!

Where did the week go? I feel like i need a tall cool drink!

Nothing like kicking back on the weekend, or after a long day at work in the sunshine with a great summer cooler. I use my blender a lot during the summer for cold frosty drinks. I like the fresh fruit ones because I can make two versions, one for the kids and one for the adults.

  1. My first one has to be anything watermelon. I love watermelon and find it so refreshing in a drink, with crushed ice, maybe some pineapple, or lime. One of the best is just watermelon and ice in the blender, add some lemon or lime juice. Give the kids that one and add some vodka to yours.
  2. I love citrus and I am a sucker for a gin and tonic. Lots of limes, lots of ice, there is something so refreshing about it. I also love a vodka soda with lime. Clean, crisp, refreshing. It just tastes like summer.
  3. With strawberries in season, who can resist a strawberry daiquiri! They are so delicious. Just through it all in the blender and they are so easy and so good. I even bought some of those daiquiri glasses, it just seems to taste so much better. I usually use vodka in mine, but I think you can use any white alcohol you like.
  4. Anything pineapple! Oh, I love pineapple. My friend turned me on to a Matador, which I loved! It’s just tequila, pineapple and lime juice, but boy they are good! I also have tried these with vodka and they are delicious
  5. I love the Sea breeze and I also love it in a drink. There is something about the grapefruit juice that seems to quench my thirst and I just think they are a perfect summer drink. Vodka, cranberry juice, and grapefruit juice. The kids may not care for this one, as it is a bit more tart than some, but the adult version is perfect for the back yard after a long hot day.

There are so many combinations you can do, but I love anything with citrus, it just seems to have the ability to quench the thirst. As a bonus, I’ll give you a treasure trove of limoncello drinks.

What are some of yours?

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