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Weight loss may sound like a simple equation involving fewer calories and more workouts, but anyone who has cut down on the extra calories and pumped up at the gym knows it is a lot harder than that. The biggest cause of demotivation can be the lack of results. Nothing hurts more than a week or two of eating clean and exercising, only to find out that the weighing scale hasn’t budged even a tad bit!

However, instead of getting bummed about it, identify your mistakes. Here is a list of 15 common mistakes a lot of women make while trying to shed those extra pounds:

1 – Overdosing on protein

Eggs, peanut butter, white meat, high protein shakes are considered to be the key food items for weight loss and muscle gain. But, often, women overlook the fact that they need only around 50 grams of protein daily, according to CDC and anything more than that will be stored as fat.

Also, try to opt for natural sources of protein instead of consuming sugar laden bars and shakes. Lentils, soybeans, chicken, fish and eggs are excellent natural sources of protein. But for vegans, there isn’t much choice. Luckily though, vega protein has now bridged that gap and is providing an excellent source of protein through natural plant sources.

2 – Not eating enough veggies

The importance of adding 2.5 cups of vegetables to your meals cannot be stressed enough. Vegetable intake speeds up the weight loss process by adding fiber to your body.

Can’t eat a bowl of salad in one go? Sneak some sliced tomatoes or lettuce in your sandwich, but make sure it goes in.

3 – Skipping breakfast

Although we are reminded since childhood that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, we fail to follow this sane advice. Most women who want to lose weight tend to skip breakfast and have a glass of juice, instead. Fruit juices have sugar in them which increases insulin levels in the body. Thus, you start feeling hungry after a couple of hours which consequently results in over eating.

4 – Not getting enough sleep

Did you know that our metabolism is at its best when our body is asleep and well-rested? Not getting enough sleep results in a slower metabolism, which eventually slows down your weight loss rate. So, don’t deprive yourself of those much needed naps.

5 – Eating too little

Steer clear of fad diets that are literally starvation programs. Always choose a path that will give slow but steady results. Consuming anything less than 1000 calories a day will affect your metabolism and muscles negatively. Losing 10 pounds in a week is not possible, unless it is water weight, which will crawl back once you revert to your daily routine.

6 – Not drinking enough liquids

Not only is water is what our survival depends on, it can help with weight loss too. It helps metabolize stored fats and so the heavier a person, the more water he requires for the body to flush out fats and toxins. But fluid intake doesn’t just end with water, herbal teas can very well be part of it. These teas have zero caffeine and just 4-8 calories per cup. They soothe the senses, help warm you on a cold winter day. Herbal teas like breathe easy tea will even relieve chest congestion, wheezing and symptoms of asthma.

7 – Not exercising enough

Taking the stairs or walking to work are healthy habits, but they do not count as serious exercise, especially, if you are looking to shed those extra pounds. Exercising intelligently will create more lean mass in your body, making it easier for you to lose fat and maintain weight loss in the long run.

8 – Being scared of weight lifting

A lot of women think that lifting weights will cause them to bulk up like The Hulk. Stay clear of this misconception. In fact, lifting weights is one of the most effective ways to add muscle mass to your body and to increase your metabolism. It also helps in toning the fat in difficult areas like the belly and the glutes.

9 – Eating too often

Ditch the ‘eat every two hour’ rule. Only eat when you are really hungry. Try drinking a glass of water instead whenever you experience frequent hunger pangs!

10 – Not maintaining a record

Try to keep a record of every bite you eat. With the variety of calorie counting apps and websites available online, this is not so difficult. Counting calories can help you identify your weight loss mistakes.

11 – Drinking Juice

Many women don’t realize that fresh fruit juice has a lot of sugar, so even if you have cut out all sources of artificial sugar from your diet, fruit juice can be the culprit. To speed up the weight loss process, try having solid whole fruits rather than juices.

12 – Eating processed food

Stay away from processed food if you want to lead a healthy life. Processed foods are a strict no-no when it comes to losing weight. Eat wholesome single ingredient foods for maximum benefits. The reason why they aid in weight loss is because they are easy to digest and break down.

13 – Lacking consistency

Weight loss isn’t going to happen overnight. You need a lot of discipline and consistency to achieve your desired results. Even on days where you can’t spare half an hour to go to the gym, sneak in 10 minutes of HIIT training. Make exercise a daily habit if you want to see noticeable results.

14 – Not varying your exercise routine

Don’t expect your body to respond to the same old exercise routine after a certain time period. Use the FIT principle and vary frequency, intensity and time to achieve better results. Moreover, try to have a cup of green tea as it’s said to be a great pre-workout drink and is also very helpful in burning fat.

15 – Not getting professional help

All bodies are different. If you have a medical condition or are finding it very hard to lose weight, it is better to seek professional help. Carefully formulated diet plans and exercise will make it happen! Talk to a dietician who may prescribe some health supplements.

All in all, losing weight is not easy. But enjoying your weight loss journey and incorporating a complete lifestyle change can make it easier for you to achieve your goals. Incorporating weight loss foods such as cruciferous vegetables, leafy greens, or healthy beverages like green tea, turmeric tea, or if you like fruity flavors than herbal fruit teas will help greatly. Remember, each pound you lose brings you closer to a happier and healthier version of yourself!

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