Favorite Fitness Bloggers

As someone who loves food, loves my family and loves to keep fit, I also love to write about it. While I tend to run a lot and enter into races, I’m always interested in many other kinds of fitness, as well. It’s not always possible to commit to a run or the weather may not cooperate, so I find inspiration elsewhere.

I have met many like-minded bloggers from doing my fun runs and other races, and they have become friends and so I follow their blogs and have discovered other great fitness bloggers, either through them, or just digging around. Today I will share my favorite five.

  1. Cook, Train, Eat, Race

This is a great site from Jason Bahamundi, and covers all kinds of information about fitness, nutrition, races and all manners of fitness. He provides recipes, which is great and he has very useful information for building yourself up to race day, what to eat and what to avoid and breaks down the training steps and makes it easy to follow along. Follow him if you are serious about your races and fitness.

  1. Fit Bottomed Girls

Cheeky title for a blog about your cheeks! Keeping a lid on the junk in your trunk is the theme but they cover all kinds of topics that are fitness related. They have a full plate of information, from guest writers and a podcast, plus links to other helpful sites ad they have all the social media pages, to follow along with them.

  1. Yoga Dork


This is a site for all things yoga. They have information about yoga for all ages and abilities, different styles and methods and whatever else is current in the world of yoga. There are some great v\blogs, links to other sites and useful information and fun, interesting stories, with free stuff, too.

  1. The Fit Foodie

No Nigella types of recipes here, with big globs of thick cream. *sad face*

This site combines healthy eating with healthy foods for the best balance. You will find great articles, fun, easy recipes for healthy foods, drinks, breakfasts and fabulous desserts that allow you to eat all your favorite things without the heavy fats and sugars. Tips for skin and hair, wellness and healthy lifestyles are all here. You can join them on all the popular social media pages.

  1. Fly Like A Girl

There is nothing as relaxing as a good swim, and when you can get exercise and enjoy yourself, then count me in. Follows along the progress of swimming and getting better. Provides links to other fitness and swimming blogs and gives a lot of information about the progress of a mom with her girls in swimming, but it’s nice to read about it and encourages me to want to swim more.

There are so many blogs out there, it’s easy to get lost in them, but find one that inspires you and makes you want to go out and tackle whatever sport or activity it is that works for you. If you can find a good one for running, or yoga and a few good ones for foods and nutrition, then you will be well on your way to feeling better, looking better and a healthier lifestyle. 

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