Fitness myths

Even though we live in the day and age of the Internet, people are still blindly believing some things that are leftovers from the past. You can literally find anything on the Internet and check the validity of information, which is why it’s unusual seeing people believe stupid myths that were debunked a long time ago.

Well, this isn’t the only thing making its appearance yet again (flat earth theory, vaccines are evil, etc.), but it’s just as damaging. People sometimes workout improperly and cause damage to their bodies because someone (thinking they were smart) told them that what they’re doing is wrong.

We’re here to debunk these myths, again.

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Lifting Lighter Weights Gives You Muscle Definition

We’re not entirely sure where this myth originated from, but it’s downright stupid. Lifting lighter weights doesn’t give your muscle definition. Muscle definition comes all by itself when you exercise properly. If you complete an entire set of exercises each day, you’ll be able to focus on cardio one day, and on the rest of your body during the rest of the week. If you do this, you will start seeing some muscle definition slowly. Lighter weights don’t make a difference; in fact, you should start small and slowly work your way up.

Running Can Make Your Knees Weak

Running doesn’t only boost your stamina; it helps your body stay fit as well. Studies have shown that running (or doing cardio) can keep your bones healthy for a long time. As long as you don’t step over your boundaries too much, you won’t be having problems. Your knees won’t go all floppy and weak all of a sudden, just because you’ve chosen to start running. On the contrary, running can be helpful to your knees – just make sure you run distances that you can cover. Don’t overdo it!

High Protein Diets Are Unhealthy

This myth stems from the belief that all high protein meat is fat and attributes to weight gain. However, this isn’t true for all high protein meat. All meat is different, especially when we’re talking about the ‘meat’ in fast food restaurants. Junk food does have a lot of protein and calories, but none of those are useful proteins and calories.

They just turn into fat, and they are the real contributors to weight gain. If you eat a steady amount of fresh meat and vegetables (even if there are more proteins and calories involved), once you start working out, everything that you’ve eaten will be energy that your body will use. So no, high protein diets aren’t unhealthy.

More Sweat Means More Fat Loss

Another myth that simply isn’t true comes from the past, around the time the good old ‘you aren’t working hard enough if you aren’t sweating’ line. And this is true in some cases; after all, if you don’t workout as hard as you should, you won’t sweat a lot. And you possibly won’t be losing a lot of weight.

But even the slightest amount of physical activity helps with fat loss! Sweat has nothing to do with it. And also, we’re all different! Some people sweat more; some people sweat less. Some people get dripping wet from just a couple of minutes of exercise – that doesn’t mean that this person is losing more weight than someone who’s been going at it for hours!

You Need to Work Out At Least 30 Minutes to See Any Results

And lastly, the stupidest myth of them all. Who thought of this? You don’t need to workout for a specific amount of time to lose weight. As said before, even small amounts of physical activity are good.

The second side of this myth is stupid as well. You can’t really see the results of your exercise at all – you can only see the results after you’ve put in the continuous effort into working out. Tracking your progress will give you a clearer picture of what’s going on and how fast you’re burning fat!

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