Home Alone for the First Time How to Help Your Child Feel Safe

Before you decide to leave your child unattended, make sure that they’re ready for the responsibility. They may be feeling a little nervous about it even though they tell you that they’re ready. Here are some of the things that you should do to help your child feel a little safer.

Post Contact Numbers

Having someone that they can reach out to can help to quiet some of their fears. They may never actually have to use these contacts, but having them there can make all the difference. Have your work and cell phone numbers on this list as well as someone in the neighborhood that you trust. You may also want to consider posting poison control, the doctor’s office, and 911. Let your kids know that it’s okay to call these numbers if they have a real problem (you may need to define what type of issues that would entail).

Develop a Safety Plan

Have a plan in place for any type of emergency. Practice with your kids what they need to do in the event of a fire or another emergency. You want it to become second nature if something occurs when they’re alone. Seconds count if there is a fire in your home. This can mean the difference between your child getting out in time. Another thing that most people don’t consider is what to do if someone breaks into your home. Talk about this scenario so that everyone is prepared.

Set Guidelines

Have rules about what your child is allowed to do while they’re alone. This may include restricting access to certain areas of your home. Lock up any medications or guns so that your child doesn’t get into them. Stock up on easily ready snacks so that you can limit your child having to cook. Teach your kids not to open the door for strangers. Determine if there are any other things that you don’t want your child doing while you’re out of the house.

Invest in Security

Teach your kids to always lock the door behind them. This can prevent someone from gaining entry into your home. Another thing that you may want to invest in is a home security system, such as those from All Pro Security. This can give everyone a little bit of peace of mind knowing that there is some measure of protection. Some of these systems give you the capability to check up on your kids when you’re not around. Have your kids let you know when they get home from school.

It may be more nerve racking for you the first time that your child is home alone. Develop a plan so that everyone is prepared and can feel good about the situation.

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