Mud running

What was better as a kid than playing in the mud. Mud puddles, mud cakes, walking through it with rubber boots or barefoot so it all squished between your toes. Throwing handfuls of it at your friend or brother, or up against the side of the house, it was endless hours of fun. As adults we can revisit that feeling with mud runs. If you don’t know what they are, they are just what they sound like.

Usually organized for a fundraising or charity event, some of them, like Dirty Girl Mud Run are for fun, fraternizing and fitness. The all-women’s mud run may suit a lot of women better than a general mud run open to anyone. There seems to be less competition for these runs and a lot more more fun. It’s a great way to let loose, let off some steam and have a great time with a great workout.

It’s better with a friend, or even better yet, with a team. It makes a great outing and an original idea for any occasion, bridal hen party, birthday party, or even just team building with your co-workers. Jump, climb, run or walk, there are challenging obstacles but with your friend or team mate, you will have the helping hand you need.

Don’t worry about fitness level, take your time, go at your own pace, fun is the key here. There is no ‘winner’. Just enjoy the run for what it is, no one will be judging you. Walk, run, rest, enjoy. Getting dirty while having fun and taking exercise with your friends is time well spent. Plus, you will meet like-minded women and make new friends and maybe get in some networking, as well.

Take clothes that will withstand the terrain and the workout you will be giving them, take clean clothes, towels and maybe a few extra pairs of socks. You will need them. Clean dry shoes, as well. Take them all in a garbage bag so you have something to carry the dirty ones out. The run can be demanding, so keep that in mind if you want so kind of protective clothing. If you are doing this as a group party, many people like to wear themed costumes, but be sure to wear something you will be able to function in, that won’t snag or trip you up, or get ruined and leave you without adequate coverage or protection. And if it’s a long one, you’ll need a pack to keep things dry and some water and energy drink mix to keep you going.

These events are ongoing, so if you are interested, check for a run in your area. It’s a great day out, or for the more adventurous, there are events that go for a weekend or a few days. It’s a perfect way to jump in the mud, get dirty and have fun, all for a good cause, or just for the fun of it. Meet new people, take a chance, get dirty, fall in the mud, laugh, and then get up and do it all again.


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