Unjunked candy review

Need to get your chocolate on? Maybe your kids are indulging too much and you are trying to get them off of it? Looking to get a leg up in the New Year for a healthier diet? There are healthy alternatives but seriously, who can eat a raw carrot when chocolate is calling out to you? Chocolate is in its own food category, and so it should be. There are healthy candy and chocolate choices, and Unreal Candy is one of them.

The company was started by a dad and his teenaged sons who he was trying to keep away from junk food. The kids wanted chocolate After several thousands attempts, they came up with the recipe.

Unreal candy has peanut butter cups and M&M types of candy but with none of the really bad stuff. The peanut butter cups are made with dark chocolate and have peanut butter, crispy peanut butter and almond butter centers. The M & M types are called Gems and come in milk chocolate, dark chocolate and crispy dark chocolate.

As far as the ‘No’ goes, it’s an extensive list, No GMO, no corn syrup, no gluten, no artificial tastes or colors, no preservatives and they are vegan, fair trade and use sustainable ingredients. It’s a shame not to eat them, really.

In comparing the gems to M&M’s, the first noticeable difference is the color. Many people have allergic or other reactions to certain chemicals used in food dyes, and these don’t contain that. The color is made from plant-based coloring, and the flavoring is all natural. Just compare the listed ingredients on the packages and you will actually be able to pronounce the ones listed on Unreal’s packages.

The sugar content is lower than most compared candy and they taste creamy without the chemical aftertaste. Kids will likely still prefer the real M&M’s but it’s a start in the right direction. Considering the size of M&M’s, who eats one or two? So for those of us who like getting our chocolate on, and that’s a lot of us, this is a great, healthier alternative.

Of course, it’s still candy so moderation is always recommended, but any time we can do better for ourselves and the world around us, we should at least try.

The company have recently launched new items, and their products are available online and in most major grocery stores. They are a bit more expensive, but at what cost?

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