Friday Five Fall Favorites

Happy Friday!

Hello friends, happy end of the week, if it is for you. Where I am it’s the beginning of fall and it always makes me happy. Actually, all the changing seasons make me happy, it gives us hope and movement and change.

My Five Favorites

  1. The cooling temperatures. I love that crisp, cool air, it’s so much nicer for running and just makes you feel better. Even the smell of the air is nice, something fresh and new. I feel like I can run farther in the cooler air, and I sweat but it’s not like the summer sweat, where all your clothes stick to you.
  2. The kids are back to school. As much a s I love them, and love summer, it’s so nice to get back into a routine for them, and us. The summer has some structure, with camps and extra activities, but with them back at school, I feel like there is more structure. I know where they are, when they will be home, what their activities are and we can work and workout around that.
  3. The Food! All those root vegetables and the late season fruit. I love nothing more than roasting root vegetables, the canning and preserving of vegetables and fruit, or making jams. I don’t do it a lot, but my friends and family do, so I get a lot of it. I like to bake, pumpkin pie and zucchini bread, so we sometime do food swaps, which always seems like a win-win deal.
  4. The colors. You can beat walking through the neighborhood, or the park or taking a drive and seeing all those beautiful colors, the trees changing color and all that color floating to the ground. Walking along a path, the crunch of leaves underneath, the smell of the leaves and the earth, it’s so invigorating. It all just makes me happy.
  5. Prelude to the Holidays. Yes, all of a sudden, it’s like we barely get the lawn mower put away and it’s Thanksgiving and Christmas and Halloween, and all of the crazy busy things that go with it. I do love it, though. Family, and food and friends. Just knowing I get to see everyone and catch up and all the beautiful food that goes with all of the holidays makes me happy. There is something warm and inviting about the cool air, baked goods, the smells of pies and cider and leaves.

What are some of your? Do you dread the fall, with winter coming or do you love it?

Have a great weekend!

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