Eat healthy save money

Eating better is one of the main ways advised by healthcare providers and medical professionals to ensure good health, which is vital for longevity and happiness. The following article describes how you can both eat healthier and save money. The tips are simple and can easily be implemented, even if you only choose to do one at a time it will go a long way to helping.

Cook extra when you do

If you’re cooking at home, then the best advice that we can give you is to always cook a little more than you will need at the current meal. The idea is to have a small amount of left-over supper that can be translated into the next day’s lunch or lunch for the week depending on what it was. Some cooked food will store better and longer than others, but generally, vegan and vegetable-based meals and pulses will store quite nicely for a few days in the fridge and will go a long way to saving you money and allowing you eat healthier. Part of this process is improved planning, both for grocery shopping and for meals. Know what it is you plan to cook on each day and then buy accordingly.

The aim will also be to waste as little as possible so as you start to implement this tip you may find that you’re eating a meal for longer than you wanted, persevere and simply adjust the amount cooked until you hit the sweet spot, where you cook just enough for a meal the next day or to put in sandwiches just once.

Always take a packed lunch

If you work outside the home, a packed lunch is one of the best ways to save money and eat what you know is good for you and that you know the provenance of. Remember, a packed lunch can be used for more than just in the office. If it’s a family day trip, then pack it up in individual burger boxes to give each person what they like and an individual meal that’s easy to eat. Make sure that whatever receptacles you use they are reusable and friendly to the planet.

Think diversity and colors

The more diverse your diet the better it is, yes, there are some basics that perhaps you favor and that the family likes, so pastas and rice, beans, lentils and all the greens, these are staples and should be included on a regular basis. However there needs to be diversity in the additions to the staples to make each mealtime exciting and fun as well as healthy. A trend has been to keep eating colorful, healthy eating can be made a lot more fun if a wide range of colors are used to prepare meals. This will naturally include a variety of food into your diet and therefore be healthier than a monochrome meal

Cooking in the home can be a huge money saver and as such is a useful exercise in itself. Home cooked food is also, by its simpler nature, a lot healthier.

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