Beauty boxes are increasingly becoming popular in the world of fashion and design. Walmart Beauty Box was launched in 2014 to provide clients with access to health and beauty products. It comes with samples and tips on products for beauty lovers seasonally.

The entire program is controlled by BrandShare, which is one of the world’s top providers when it comes to E-commerce product sampling.

By signing up for your Walmart Beauty Box, you can give yourself or a friend a fun surprise of free goodies that comes from the best brands that Walmart sells.

You are entitled to receive right to your doorstep an assortment of the latest beauty products and helpful tips four times per year each for every season.

With just $5 for delivery, you can get the Walmart Beauty Box for your friends and family as well. Subscribing to a service enrolls you to an assortment of samples and full size products which are delivered on a regular schedule, mostly on a monthly basis.

Becoming a Walmart shopper can be a happy experience for people who want to spend a little cash every month. However, you may fall in love with some products in Walmart Beauty Box which can compel you to be spending a lot of cash because it becomes an exercise in frustration if you don’t like spending on pricey things.

Walmart beauty box costs $5 for shipping which is an affordable price, and far much less than the price of the products subscribers receive. On signing up, you stand a chance to participate in the huge social media trend where you can share your beauty experiences and end up with some affordable options in the sample products they offer.

The Walmart’s beauty box sign-up page appears more like than their standard page. The sign-up page requests for age info as an effort to personalize the experience and perhaps gather more data.

Seemingly, this isn’t precisely innovation but a new approach for Walmart. They move into the popular beauty box space where they garner some real benefits which include:

  • Greater relationship with Millennials which is a difficult group for Walmart to connect with.
  • Strong association with online shoppers which is a high priority for Walmart at the moment.
  • Heightened exposure to social media in an effort to expand their audience.
  • Social listening prospects opportunities for Walmart plus suppliers who take part in the beauty box.
  • Credible chances to affect perception of Walmart among those who are currently not Walmart shoppers.
  • An opportunity to retain both current and potential buyers into their mortar stores.

What is in the Walmart Beauty Box?

The box comes with a variety of makeup products from Walmart, which include blushes, face creams, eyeliners, and lipstick. Although these cheap products sent to you at a cheap price are not the best in the market, they can complete the job if they are used in the right way.

Pros of Walmart Beauty Box

  • Shipping fee is only $5
  • Strong customer service
  • Shipping is done promptly

Cons of Walmart Beauty Box

  • It is only available in the US and Canada
  • Only from-the-shelf products are delivered

Shipping Plans and Pricing

Walmart beauty boxes are shipped quarterly. This means that you will receive assortments of Walmart’s favorite beauty products right to your doorstep 4 times every year.

The following are shipment dates by quarter:

  • Winter beginning January
  • Spring starting March
  • Summer starting June
  • Fall Starting September

It is worth noting that the products are not necessarily high-end although it’s a super good deal considering the affordable price for shipping.

Customer Comments

It is worth saying that the Walmart Beauty Box has received some mediocre reviews. Although there are not serious complaints, some of their positive reviews are not interesting as many people would expect.

They have an incredible customer service and although few problems have been reported.

The most concerning thing revolved around what actually comes in the box. Most of the contents that subscribers receive are found on Walmart’s shelves. Though it can save you some pocket money, is it a credible investment if you can get some quality products elsewhere? According to Walmart Beauty Box reviews, this is a dilemma that mos people have been struggling with.

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