Indoor grilling tips

One of the best outdoor activities you can enjoy with your friends and family is BBQ. But it’s not always possible to have a BBQ party outdoors.

The weather may not be so favorable sometimes. Your apartment may not have space outside. Have no worries, because you always have the option to grill indoors!

Let’s be honest. It’s not the same as grilling outside. You cannot enjoy the weather. Working with charcoal and fire is also more fun compared to electronic indoor grilling!

Regardless, indoor grilling can be fun and safe if you know just the right way to do it. To know more about all the life hacks related to indoor grilling, keep on reading.

1. Too Many Options

If you’re planning to have a BBQ party indoors, you have a lot of options. You can pick any method, such as fireplace cooking, or using the stove, the oven, a grill pan or an electronic grill machine.

You can grill on your stove, using a lid or built-in stove top. You can also grill steak, french fries, tomatoes, onions and sausages in the oven.

You can make sandwiches and panini using a panini press or sandwich maker. There are many options for you to choose from. Take your pick, and get grilling!

2. Cause Less Mess

Indoor grilling is more convenient than outdoor grilling. We say so because indoor grilling will cause less mess compared to outdoor grilling.

Since you always use the kitchen, everything is organized. You know where everything is, so you don’t have to dash in and out for ingredients or plates like you do when you’re grilling outdoors.

By grilling indoors, you are avoiding lighting fire with charcoal, which can be dangerous. You also won’t have to shovel ashes and deal with those things.

3. Prepare Your Grill Pan

Before you start placing the juicy meat on it, prepare your grill pan properly. Make sure your pan is clean and dry before you start.

Preheat the pan or the oven for ten minutes. You should use aluminum foil for the oven, but you don’t need it for the stove pan.

Season the fish, meat or vegetables according to your taste, then place them gently on the aluminum-spread tray or the pan.

You can even place a few slices of lemon in the pan and cook fish over it to prevent it from sticking. You don’t need to do that over the aluminum foil unless you want to season your fish with lemon juice.

4. Ice Cubes For Burger Patties

This is an interesting trick shared by a few, and recommended by the MasterChef judge Graham Elliot.

If you put a small ice cube at the center of the burger patty, it will keep the patty from drying out. You’ll get a juicy patty right out of the oven!

The heat of the pan may shrivel the meat patty, so adding a small ice cube will keep it supple and juicy.

If you don’t want to use ice cubes, you can use a small cube of butter as well. Butter has a rich texture and flavor, so it will make the patty taste more delicious.

5. Spiral Cut Hot Dogs

This is a fancy trick for hot dog lovers. Are you not tired of having hot dogs the same way?

Now you have a chance to create something different! Make spiral cuts on the sausages, skewer them and let them grill. You can grill them on the aluminum-spread tray in the oven, or on the stove in the grilling pan.

The aluminum will retain the condiments in the food, making it taste better. Meanwhile, if you’re cooking using a grilling pan, cover it up with a lid, so that the flavor is retained.

6. How To Get Grill Marks With Pans

If you’re cooking on plain trays, you may not get the artistic grill marks on your steaks. But with pan cookers, you can.

To get grill marks, place the meat at a forty-five-degree angle to the ridge. Then turn the same side of the meat at ninety degrees on the pan. Now the ridge will be forty-five degrees in the opposite direction.

Keep the meat in each position for two to three minutes to get that professionally grilled look!

7. Rosemary Skewers

Instead of using regular skewers, which may sometimes disappoint you, use rosemary instead! This is an excellent recipe for BBQ.

Rosemary stems are sturdier than regular skewers, so your meatballs and vegetables won’t fall off. In addition to that, the food will retain the wonderful flavor of rosemary, giving it a remarkable taste.

8. Season With Herbs

You can use a wide range of herbs to season your steaks. The most notable are rosemary, sage, and basil, but you can even use lavender, oak, hickory and peach prunings.

When you grill meat with onions and tomatoes, they will automatically exchange flavors with each other. You may want to grill them altogether if you like that.

You can even add apple cider vinegar or apple juice to the meat for a sweet flavor. You have to spray these liquids on the meat with a spray bottle.

9. Boil Items Before Grilling

Another trick in the book is to boil sausages and other meats before placing them on the grilling pan or in the oven.

Defrost these items, and submerge them in boiling water for about ten to fifteen minutes. They are able to retain moisture better if you boil them before grilling them. This way, they taste juicier and take on a supple nature.

You can use rosemary skewers or regular skewers. If you’re using regular skewers, use two for one sausage. Season appropriately and serve to your friends and family.


There are so many benefits to cooking indoors, despite how dull it sounds. You cannot disagree that indoor grilling can be enjoyed when the weather is windy and rainy.

You have more options to cook food when you’re doing it inside your home than outside. According to Faveable, electronic grilling machines have made it much easier for those of us who live in apartments to enjoy BBQ with our peers.

In addition, you have learned about a few tricks to make your BBQ taste even more delicious by adding herbs, vinegar, juices, butter, and ice cubes. We hope you incorporate these tricks into your next BBQ party!

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