Reheatza Review

Ever heat up some pizza in the microwave only to find that the crust comes out hard and overly chewy? Reheatza aims to solve this problem.

The manufacturer states that the “Microwave Energized Heating Pan” converts microwave energy into conductive heat to cook like a grill and that it has a specially designed lid that shields microwaves to protect food from harsh direct energy. They say it’s a perfect solution to microwave your pizza with crispy crust, perfectly melted cheese, and warmed toppings.

It is intended for leftover pizza, bacon, eggs, grilled cheese, frozen foods, fresh veggies, hamburgers, French fries, mozzarella sticks, chicken wings, and toasted sandwiches.

Basically anything that has a food texture that would normally be ruined by a microwave.

Reheatza Review Summary:


  • Gives you quality crispness right from your microwave
  • Very affordable
  • Works for many dishes that would otherwise be ruined in a microwave including pizzas, leftovers, hamburgers, chicken wings, sandwiches, and much more
  • Easy to clean
  • Can fit nearly any microwave


  • Takes more time than just using the microwave normally
  • Often out of stock
  • Needs to cool completely before being used again

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Reheatza Size

Reheatza comes with instructions in the cooking guide for specific microwave wattages. It fits most microwaves with minimum interior dimensions of 12.5 inches in length, 5 inches in width, and 5 inches in height. Unless you have a super small microwave, it should be fine but do mind the wattage instructions.

Cleaning the Reheatza

The Reheatza has a non-stick surface that makes it easy to clean. It should NOT be washed in a dishwasher and should only be cleaned with a slightly damp sponge or cloth. The pan can malfunction if you submerge it in water.

How to Use the Reheatza

Preheating the pan is quite important. To preheat the pan, simply place it without food and lid in the microwave and cook on high for 2 minutes (for a 1200W microwave, or 3 minutes for 1100W microwave). You should not exceed 3 minutes.

For best results, you should wait for 10 minutes or until the Reheatza pan has completely cooled before using it again.

It is important to ensure that you are following the instructions depending on the correct microwave wattage. If your food is not hot as yet, continue cooking it for 30 second intervals until hot.

Cooking steak is determined by the thickness of the steak. If the steaks are thicker than 0.5 inches, you may have to cook it longer.

Does It Work?

In short, yes. It prevents certain foods from being ruined in the microwave.

Is it as good as pan frying? No. But nobody should expect that.

It’s somewhere in the middle. It does a better job of preserving food texture than normal microwaving but is not as good in that regard as other cooking methods.

Should you buy one? That’s a personal decision about the importance of food texture. Personally, I’d rather eat pizza, eggs or bacon cold than ruin them in a microwave so I think the small cost and extra few minutes is worth it.

How Does the Reheatza Heating Pan Work?

People who understand how microwaves work can easily understand how the Reheatza Heating Pan operates. Reheatza notes that the secret is in the Microwave Energized Heating Pan which turns microwave energy into conductive heat. This simply means that the material of the pan is not microwave permeable, but it is affected by the radiation in order to heat up. The heat is then transferred through the regular conduction to the food.

In other words, the pan heats up the same way it does on a cooking stove, and the food cooks through direct contact. However, only the cooking surface reacts, which means the lining around the pan and the lid should remain cool. The pan should be preheated before it cooks.

What People Are Saying About Reheatza

Most users appear to be pleased with the crispiness of the food, including some positive results with reheating pizza. However, the chief complaint is that everything takes too long. It does take longer to use this device, and microwaves are about efficiency. Nobody cooks in a microwave for flavor. So it’s a matter of how important the texture is to the individual user.


The Reheatza Heating Pan can be ideal for college students who live in dorms where toaster ovens or hot-plates are not allowed. One of the best features of this pan is that it has a non-stick surface and cleaning is super easy. Nevertheless, it may not be convenient if you are preparing several servings or for those who like cooking in a hurry.

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