Telling someone to be happy doesn’t make it so. We all have struggles in our lives, stresses, phobias, certain things that set us off. Being happy and content takes work. We have to work at getting what we want in life, getting away from what we don’t want, as well. Our relationships with our family and friends, co-workers and strangers, all matter and need to continually worked at. Our relationships with food is just as important.

How we see food, our relationship with food is a deep and complex matter. We find comfort in certain foods, its flavor or texture, or maybe just the aroma can evoke such deep memories for us, it manages to take us back to a happier, more carefree time. Eating our fears, our emotions, our dread, it’s all very real and needs to be worked at all the time.

The word ‘diet’ is one of the worst four-letter words there is. It conjures up such images of carrot sticks and dry bland rice cakes. It also has a heavy feeling of deprivation. You’ve heard the saying, ‘diets don’t work’. It’s mostly true. If you need to lose ten pounds to fit into your fancy dress for the Christmas party, then depriving yourself from eating for a week or two may well get you into the dress. But are you happy? Maybe for the evening, yes, but beyond that? No.

Eating what you want must obviously have limitations but indulging ourselves now and then is fine. A proper diet means not depriving yourself from foods you like but creating a lifestyle that allows you to eat good, healthy food and get away from processed and manufactured or prepackaged foods that are full of things we don’t want in our bodies.

Understanding why you eat will go a long way in understanding what you eat. Our lives are short and meant to be enjoyed. Don’t over eat to the point of obesity, but if you want potato chips or ice cream, just have them. There are always healthy choices for junk food, so live and stop worrying about how big your thighs are. Someone already loves you just the way you ar

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