If you have not touched your garden space, now is the time to change it. Your garden space should be a little oasis all of your own. It should be where you can comfortably spend hours upon hours outdoors, which means designing a great space that combines natural elements with modern comfort. You should be able to enjoy the space rain or shine, indoors or outdoors, and to do that you will want to follow this guide to make your garden space stylish and family-friendly:

Sketch Out the Layout

The first thing you will need to do is take measurements of your space and then sketch out a general outline. While you do not have to overly plan areas where you intend to plant flowers, trees, or bushes (though you should remember the mature heights and widths of them!), you do need to be accurate when it comes to dining spaces, and even if you want to add a waterfall or pond. By focusing first on these areas that have very strict size guides, you can plan the rest of your garden – the natural, growing elements, that is – around these fixed spaces.

Know What You Want from Your Space

Green and blue spaces are great places to improve mental and physical health, but not everyone will be interested in the same things. Some might want a more tropical vibe, others might enjoy local flora and fauna. Regardless of what you choose, you need to be consistent. Some plants work very well together and have a symbiotic relationship, others do not. You need to choose plants that work together, and avoid invasive species to your area.

The same applies to your blue space. While you can easily add a water blade waterfall from water-garden.co.uk without worrying too much about the surrounding space, the same will not hold true if you want to add a full pond. Always pay attention to how every plant, pond, and other natural element you add will work together. You will need to edit your wish list, but that is okay.

Use Vertical Space

Chances are you do not have a huge, sprawling property to work with. Instead, you will want to look vertical. There are limits, of course, you will not be able to always block out your neighbours with hedges, but you can use the space along your fence and wall, as well as within your garden to add vertical interest that automatically adds style and interest.

Integrate Style and Function

If you want your garden to be beautiful and enjoyable for the whole family then it needs to be tidy. Plants can become overgrown of course, but items that need to be stored should have a very simple, almost invisible solution. For most this may mean a cabin at the back of your property to put gardening tools, bikes, and other equipment.

 Make Your Garden a Learning Environment

There is so much that kids can learn from gardening, so do not just try to make your space a good area for your little ones to play ball games. Instead make it easy and fun for them to get involved with. A kitchen garden is a great option, as is putting fish in your pond.

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