Funny dog memes

Dogs can be trained to be service animals, therapy animals or comfort animals. They can be your running buddy, your hunting companion, or your best friend. And sometimes, they can be the perfect comic relief or inspiration during a stressful day. Here are 15 funny dog memes from 2017 found on Pinterest that are sure to brighten your day.

1. Look at that squishable, squeezable, smiley face. And those eyes. And that nose. They each seem to smile in their own way. A dog smile is guaranteed to put a smile on your face. And if this one doesn’t, just look a little longer.

2. I love the determination on this dog’s face. I mean, he is going to get some serious shit done today. If you need a little inspiration to start your day, look no further!

3. Truth. Any dog owner would admit that dogs are an easy scapegoat for any noxious odor, but more often they are the culprit. Nothing clears a room faster than a little canine flatulence.

4. Dogs of just the right height can certainly create some awkward moments when welcoming visitors into your home, or greeting people in public. This dog, with his bomber hat, aviators, and pipe, certainly looks like a ladies man. He probably would receive a friendly greeting no matter where his nose landed.

5. This is definitely one that would not be as funny in person! But, he does look a little remorseful. I’m sure there’s an apology in there somewhere.

6. Ruff days are the worst, and nothing quite says it like this puppy’s sad face and depressed body language. Doesn’t it make you feel better to know that someone understands, though?

7. Ok parents. You know you can relate to this one. Look at that dog sneaking around the corner like James Bond, at the same time looking all sweet so you’ll let him climb in your bed. Wait a second, aren’t Huskies bred to sleep outdoors in the wild Alaskan wilderness….

8. The story possibilities behind this funny dog picture are endless. Was it a hunting trip gone wrong? Maybe the fox called for backup? Or maybe the bed of the truck is packed full of bunnies for a mass rabbit rescue? Or maybe the smart dog of the house finally tired of his crazy roommate’s antics, as seen in the next funny meme…

9. Come on, you know you felt the same way while you were trapped at work, but you didn’t give in to your animal instincts. Just look at how happy that dog is to finally see his owner. No one could punish that face.

10. One of the best ways to unwind after a long day is by taking your dog for a walk. In fact it could probably be said that what’s best for your dog is best for you: exercise, play, naps in the sun, friends, a healthy diet, clean water… Just listen to your dog already!

11. Ok, I think you New Englanders out there who survived the blast of Nor’easters this winter can relate to this one. Sometimes the view out the window is just not inviting at all. It’s way easier to just poop in the house.

12. Hmm, good question.

13. Why do dogs do this? I mean, seriously, is it to exercise their owner? Maybe to avoid the aforementioned embarrassing flatulence problem? Temperature control? I think it’s probably just related to the following funny puppy meme…

14. Yep. We love our dogs, we personify them and give them voices, but the truth is that they are dogs. And most of their behavior is probably for no reason at all.

15. This dog has a genuine look of shock and awe on his face. Kind of how my husband looks at me when I put on makeup and style my hair. Sometimes things can be right in front of you the whole time, but it takes someone to point it out to realize it. Like how much our dogs love us no matter what we do.

Whether a highly trained purebred dog, or a common mutt rescued from the local shelter, dogs bring joy to those around them. I hope these funny dog memes provide you with a good laugh when you need it most.

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Olivia Harper
Olivia Harper is the co-founder of the dog blog Daily Dog Stuff. She is a reserved and passionate pet parent who loves to spend time with her Sibe who keeps her active and social. See more of her guides and tips by visiting the blog or following their Facebook page @dailydogstuff.