Zipfizz energy drink reviews

For those of you who use or enjoy energy drinks, this is a decent one. ZipFizz is a concentrated,  carbonated powder you add to water or other beverages. They claim ‘Energy in a Tube’, so the mix powder is very convenient to carry with you. They have over ten flavors and are a great boost pre- or post workout. Vitamins, minerals, with amino acids, electrolytes, plus no sugar and lower in calories than some energy drinks, it’s a great tasting product that is also healthy.

You can have this energy drink as a pick-me-up anytime, morning, after work, whenever you feel the need. It’s very convenient to carry with you, you can take several tubes at a time, which is great when you have limited space for your workout gear.

The product derives it’s boosting power from caffeine, all natural sources, but if you are concerned with your caffeine intake, it’s important to know. Adding one or two of these a day, with your regular coffee or other caffeinated beverages, may prove to be a bit overwhelming. If you are sensitive to caffeine, try one first at home in case you get jittery, but chances are you won’t.

It is effective for boosting your energy levels. You will feel a kick right after consumption and revitalized with a big burst of energy. If you are a regular user of energy drinks, think about trying this one. It seems to be healthier than a lot of them and the flavors are very nice. Another nice feature is the carbonation. It gives the drink a soda-like appearance and quality which is nice. However, the carbonation will build up and can cause the container to expand, so when you remove the lid, it can have an explosive type of reaction. It’s best to use the drink within about ten to twenty minutes.

It’s so easy to use, just add the drink mix powder to the beverage and shake. Do not add the powder to an already carbonated beverage, use water, juice, smoothie, are best. The powder mixes quickly and it fizzes up, just like the name suggests. It’s a great refreshing energy boosting drink you will enjoy, carbonated, convenient and great flavors.

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