The mobile food industry has been a growing presence all around the globe for years now. There is such a wide variety of different food trucks out there from burger vans to exotic foods and everything in between. 

One of the reasons food trucks are so popular is that as a business they can be set-up reasonably quickly. You can be your own boss, set your own menu, do things quickly and make a lot of money but keeping the power online with your food truck will require the right planning. 

Things are not quite as simple as setting up a portable generator and leaving things ticking along. You need to ensure the generator is safe and well maintained and will last a long time without needing re-fueling. 

You can’t really afford the power to go out halfway through cooking, can you? So, if you have a food truck or are thinking about setting up a mobile food business be sure to read the tips below. This way you can ensure both you and your customers will be happy.   

A High Wattage is Essential

Food trucks unlike restaurants and cafes can’t rely on the main grid for their power, can they? This means you need to ensure you have a powerful enough generator to power every appliance you could need. 

Now, of course, this will vary from food truck to food truck but even small businesses that only make a few things can need a lot of power. The average amount is around 3000 watts but only use this as a guide. Tally up everything you need to use in your truck and then add a little extra to be safe then you can better guarantee your generator will be powerful enough to ensure 

smooth running. 

Focus on Fuel Efficiency 

There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing a generator but when it comes to food trucks you should focus your efforts on finding a more fuel-efficient generator. This way you can ensure your truck will be able to last longer on a single tank. No one wants to keep going out to refuel so focus on fuel efficiency. 

Inverter Generators Are Recommended

Inverter generators have a variety of benefits when compared to their conventional counterparts that will be useful for food truck owners. They are smaller more compact machines, more fuel efficient, quieter and produce cleaner power. They might be more expensive at first but the cost will give you better long-term savings. 

So, now you know my three main tips for when it comes to choosing a generator for your food truck business. One other final piece of advice I have is to pay a visit to the Best Generators. org website on

Best is a new platform for news about all kinds of generators and it even as pages dedicated to food truck generators! So, if you want to read reviews and guides for food generators Best is the place to go. 

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