With custom sets, you can play around with the specs and get what you’re looking for. First, you need to choose what medium you’re comfortable with. There are vaporizers for liquids and “salts” and both offer a very different feel and experience. Nicotine salts offer more nicotine with a reduced hit and are better for those who want to quit smoking. Liquids contain nicotine in its purest form so it’s a lot more potent (which is why the mg count is lower with liquids). Devices for salts are also a little less complicated than liquid vaporizers.

Next, we come to the inhaling mechanism. Your atomizer tank is where the vapor is made and tanks come with two inhaling mechanisms; mouth-to-lung vaporizers are a great alternative to smoking cigarettes. Not only is the nicotine delivered through a healthier medium of vapor instead of smoke, but it could also be cheaper than cigarettes in the long run. Choosing the right device for you can be tricky though and you need to know what you’re buying because one specification can change the entire experience.

If you’re new to vaping, you can opt for fixed devices such as vaporizer pens and other heavy-duty single-piece devices. These are simpler to operate and require little maintenance compared to custom sets where you can choose the tank and power source according to your preference. Vaporizer pens are great if you’re trying to get off smoking as they come closest to the smoking experience in terms of feel and the type of hit you get. Some may have variable settings allowing you to change the power output and resistance which has an effect on the vapor the device creates. The disadvantage is the limited options you have in terms of design and colors. You can’t really play around with the design to reflect your personality and have to stay with what the manufacturer provides.

Mouth-to-lung is similar to a cigarette where you take a draw and inhale into your mouth only then remove the tip of the vaporizer to inhale into the lungs and then exhale. With straight-to-lung, you’re inhaling directly into your lungs from the tanks and the vapor is a lot more intense. Cloud chasers like these devices for the amount of smoke they produce letting them do all sorts of tricks.

Finally, there is the battery. This is what powers up your atomizer tank to create the vapor. You have mechanical mods which are a simple setup with no variable settings on voltage and resistance. Then you have digital mods where you can change those settings and adjust the kind of hit you’re getting and the intensity of smoke you’re inhaling. Mechanical mods require a lot of precautions and care and are prone to overheating if not cared for properly.If the above doesn’t help you with your decision, you’re sure to find more information if you visit an online vape shop. With today’s competition, there are more than enough choices in the market to let you make an informed decision on a device that fits your needs and budget.

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