We are living in the world of technology and modern sciences where we have really advanced warning systems. Hurricanes and winter storms create a terrible and surprising situation for the people living in the USA. The shocking fact is that the average American household does not have the food supply of more than three days.

Essential foods for survival are those foods which play a vital role in case of an emergency. No matter what is the survival situation like either it is a disaster or an emergency curfew, survival food is really important. In any part of the world, when an emergency situation occurs there are greater chances that local groceries store there are going to close in just a few hours.

Survival Situations

In any state of emergency or survival condition where everyone wants to have essential foods for survival, people get panicked and try their best to stockpile food at the last moment. If someone does not have sufficient quantity of food or the right type of food in emergency situations, it can cause trouble. If we talk about survival food, then nutrition plays a very important role in maintaining our health and energy levels in our body in any type of emergency situations whether it is hiking in wild areas or any disaster.

Importance in Emergencies

Nowadays we have to prepare ourselves in order to face any type of emergency situation where food supplies get struck and you have to invest in a food supply for a long time. You should make food store of three to four months and have important survival foods which have a long shelf life. In many parts of the world, local grocery stores have hardly food supply of six days. It means that short-term emergency situations such as hurricanes, floods and earthquakes can cause food supply problems because grocery stores will end up selling all the food.

In this article, we are going to list the five essential survival food which boosts your health and energy levels in an emergency situation. These survival foods are as follows:

  • Olive oil
  • Nuts and grains
  • Homemade dried fruits
  • Canned Foods
  • Vitamins

Olive Oil

In ancient times, olive oil was considered really important in emergency or survival situations. Oils are high in nutritional value and are a good source of energy but the problem with oils is that most of them don’t have long storage life so that they can be used as survival food in the time of crisis. The advantage of oil is that all types of oil are good and essential for cooking purposes. Olive oil can be used for cooking or frying anything in which less oil is consumed. You can have a healthy meal cooked in oil with GoWise Air Fryer because you need little oil in GoWise fryer, unlike deep fryers.

In case of an emergency or survival situation, you want to fry anything then olive oil is the best option because it has a long storage life. You can use olive oil for the seasoning of the salad or any other food. You can store olive oil for almost 4 to five years in any survival scenario. Olive oil is a food which serves many purposes and the most famous and healthy oil in the world. Even some people drink olive oil in order to maintain their energy levels. Olive oil is used in situations and areas where the supply of food is struck. Apart from using the oil for cooking and frying purposes, you can also use it to heal the burning area of the body.

Nuts and Grains

In a survival situations, you can use nuts and grains in combination because when we combine these two foods, we get the nutritional and protein value equivalent to meat and dairy foods. You can also use nuts and grain in their dried forms that are stored well. You can store red wheat berries and can use them to make a bread after grinding them. You can combine with nuts and you can have a proper protein meal. You can be creative in order to store nuts and grains which is a necessary food for survival.

Homemade Dried Fruits

In the time of crisis when one has to face the lack of food supply, essential foods for survival are needed. Homemade dried fruits are a good choice for survival food and play a multi-purpose role in our meal. In the times of survival, homemade dried fruits do not only provide you sufficient energy to function but they are good for your digestive system as well. Fruits are packed with proteins and carbohydrates and are a healthy choice for emergency conditions. Homemade dried fruits are high in nutritional value just like fresh fruits and the particular content of fresh fruit is reflected in homemade dried fruits.

Canned Foods

In a survival situation occurred due to any kind of disaster, canned food is a healthy survival food choice because it can stay safe for a long time and it is easy to carry as well. When it comes to canned food, most of the people in States prefer canned Tuna which is a healthy seafood. You can use canned tuna in different ways such as salads, sandwiches and as a dry food. The biggest edge of canned tuna over other survival foods is that it is ready to eat food. It is a delicious survival food which is high in nutritional value due to its content.


In the condition of emergency for survival, the lack of proper food and nutrition can damage our health and energy levels rapidly. In such situations, our body needs vitamins from any type of food or any kind of meal. A person who is going through the survival crisis need every type of vitamins but in a limited amount. Vitamins are the source of energy which is really crucial in such situations. We can get vitamins from different types of foods such as vegetables, fruits and many other groups of food.

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