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No, this isn’t going to be X rated and no, I don’t have any secrets that I’ve been keeping.

Today’s post is a group effort with many of my Fitfluential Ambassador friends based on the idea of Pavement Runner. He is hosting a link up today where we are sharing our favorite workout items. What’s in your fitness closet?

As I was putting this post together, I was thinking that I’m not that crazy into my workout clothes, however I do like gadgets and accessories and the food part of working out. So, that’s what I’ll talk about.

The highest priority items are my shoes. I wish my wallet was deep enough to support a larger selection of shoes, but this is it for now. I feel the proper shoes are the basis of any good workout gear, as your feet do all the work. The support is so important and of course, different shoes are made for different things, but if you are on a budget, a good pair of shoes will go a long way in saving you injury and strain. It’s always a good idea to find a great pair and then buy two. You always need a backup.

As for the clothes, most of my workout clothes are from a local department store. I also have a drawer full of tee shirts from races that I love. Function and affordability are the key for me. As long as they fit and don’t impede the running or the workout, then they are fine. I don’t believe you need to spend a lot of money on items you are ultimately just sweating in.

A few items that I can’t do without include my ankle sleeve. It really helps manage the cyst that lurking in my ankle and protects from further strain. Sometimes I wear it on my other ankle, just to balance it all out.

Of course, there is my therapeutic kinesiology tape. I love this stuff. There are so many application possibilities. Thankfully I’ve not needed to use it a lot lately, but if you need it, or even if you don’t right now, it’s great to have on hand.

But, I also think that equally important to my workouts are food. Now that I’m doing a lot more strength training, I’m trying to make sure that I focus on protein. I’ve been seeing the following product all over Instagram lately and finally jumped on the bandwagon to try protein bars. I’ve only now tried a few different flavors, but I really like them. Around 170 calories and 20 g of protein and very filling.

Drinks are equally important to workouts. Water is probably the best for quenching thirst and rehydration but you can also use energy drinks, as well. Find one that replaces electrolytes and keeps you hydrated without added sugars or sodium.

There’s my workout closet. Is your cluttered or bare? Anything I’m missing? Let me know!

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