What are earthing sheets?

Earthing sheets are specially designed bedding sheets with a conductive material (usually silver) woven through them. The purpose of the conductive material is to ground your body, releasing the positive charge that builds up in absence of contact with the earth.

A tab on the sheets connects to a wire that is plugged into the grounding port on a standard electrical outlet found in most households. The discovery of earthing sheets stems from the fact that most chronic illnesses experienced by nearly a half of the world’s population are caused by our body’s inflammatory response.

To clearly understand how earthing sheets works, let’s take a look at what raised beds have to do with inflammation and chronic illnesses.

Causes of Chronic Illness

Modern science is coming into terms with the fact that a primary cause of chronic illness is inflammation. This refers to a biological response of your body to harmful stimuli triggered by pathogens, damaged cells, and environmental irritants. Inflammation occurs when your body tries to remove any internal threats and facilitate recovery.

When inflammation sets in, the body deploys free radicals, which are electron-hungry molecules. The free radicals swarm around the areas of inflammation, feeding on pathogens and damaged tissues. However, the free radicals may go on to feed on the healthy cells which creates a deficiency of electrons in your body.

In reference to Clint Ober and other authors of Earthing: The Most Important Health Discovery Ever, electron deficiency is inflammation, and this inflammation precedes every known disease.

Chronic inflammation starves our bodies the negatively-charged electrons. And the solution is earthing.  

The Science Behind Earthing

The purpose of earthing is to connect your skin directly to the Earth. It is suggested that earthing helps to connect the skin to negatively-charged free electrons on Earth. Given that the Earth has unending supply of these crucial electrons, it is suggested that reconnecting to the ground can solve this electron deficiency. Walking barefoot and wearing earthing shoes are good suggestions.

What about when you are sleeping on a raised bed?

One of the primary ways that your body mitigates internal threat is when you are sleeping. However, you are under attack by excess pathogens while in bed. Our modern environments are filled with environmental pollutants, harmful electromagnetic frequencies from electrical devices, toxins from products, and much more.

Luckily, our modern problems have a new solution: Earthing/Grounding sheets.

How Do Earthing Sheets Work?

As previously stated, earthing sheets connect your body to the ground such that the electrical current is absorbed through the grounding wire. With the grounding wire in your bedding connecting to the Earth, it allows the electrons to scavenge the excessive free radicals in your body. This also ensures that the electromagnetic radiations are neutralized in your body while you are sleeping.

A preliminary study published in The Journal of Alternative and Complimentary Medicine indicate that participants who slept with a grounding pad showed a reduction in the levels of a hormone associated with stress (cortisol). According to the author, Dr. Maurice Ghaly, they also found that the participants’ circadian rhythm also started to normalize.

The participants also reported an improvement in sleep and a reduction in stress and pain.  

How to Use Earthing Sheets

It is very easy to use the grounding sheets. All you have to ensure is that your bare skin is in direct contact with the earthing sheet. A single wire connected to the earthing sheet is all you will require.

It is also important to ensure that the grounding port in your electrical outlet is functional. Earthing sheets should come with an outlet checker to this effect.

When to Expect the Benefits

According to Earthing.com, you may immediately notice some difference when you start using the earthing sheets. Some people report pains and aches, commonly associated with flu although they are short-lived. It is suggested that these symptoms occur as your body tries to adjust to changes in its electrical system.

Over time, using earthing sheets will help you sleep better at night and wake up feeling refreshed and energized.

Caring for Your Earthing Sheets

Special care is necessary in maintaining the conductivity of your earthing sheets. It should be washed in a washing machine with warm or hot water. You are only supposed to wash it with a mild detergent and avoid lotions, bleach, or oils because they can interfere with conductivity or corrode the silver fiber.

If you apply a moisturizer on your skin before going to sleep, wait for up to an hour before going to bed.  

Which Ones Should I Buy?

There are a number of options but I can narrow it down for you. Also, these recommendations are all for sleeping. If you want to stay grounded during the day, a grounding mat is a better option.

People do use grounding mats for sleeping and some are specifically designed for this, but all of them are made with a carbon-coated polyurethane or silicone surface so they can be hot to sleep on. Most people will be more comfortable with sheets.

Here are the options:

Grounded pillowcase: This is my least favorite option because of the oils and make-up residue that can be on your face. Also, you may not always be in contact with a pillow.

Grounded half-sheet: This is usually the least expensive option. It’s basically a strip of fabric that you drape across the bed. However, a half sheet that lies under you can get bunched up and lose contact. I toss and turn enough that this is a problem for me.

Grounded flat sheet: This is better than a half-sheet though typically more expensive. It can cover two people and will stay in place better than a half sheet, though still can lose contact if you toss and turn a lot.

Grounded fitted sheet: This is my favorite option for a few reasons. It’s usually no more expensive than a flat sheet and it always stays in place so you never lose contact at night. Another reason is aesthetic. Once you make the bed you’ll never see the fitted sheet, which is great because it won’t match the rest of your sheets.

Brands of grounding sheets:

Grounding products have been around for decades, but recently there has been an explosion of new brands. I’ve tried several and seen the products of others in friends’ houses, so I can tell you that most of them are not high quality. A couple of them stand out as quality products.

Those two brands are Earthing and GroundLuxe. Earthing is the original brand that you see in the movie with their founder Clint Ober, if you’ve seen the Earthing movie. They’ve been around forever and still make some of the best grounding products. GroundLuxe has been around for years as well and they are known for great support and premium quality products. Their sheets are made of organic cotton and they are the softest grounding sheets I have laid hands on.

If you have questions about grounding, leave them in the comments below and we’ll respond!

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