Foot in cast

It’s taken me an entire week to sit down to tell you about my foot. I think the last thing I mentioned, I was going to the orthopedist to have it checked out. I was having significant pain on the ball of my right foot. It felt like a bruise and it had been almost 3 weeks since it had started hurting. It had started to feel better after about a week from the initial day of pain, but then I went for a walk one day and it hurt the whole time. So, off to the doctor.

Then this happened:

Diagnosis: a stress fracture in my 2nd metatarsal. I’m to wear the protective boot for three weeks. I’m allowed to do yoga and strength training and even to ride my exercise bike, providing I can get the pedal on the back part of my foot. Honestly, that sounds like it’ll stress me out just worrying if my foot slips and bangs the sore part.

In the last week since I got the gorgeous boot, I haven’t done a bit of exercise. Mainly because I spent the first three days with my boot days hopping around the Disneyland Convention Center, Downtown Disney and at my daughter’s dance competition and then the next three days I’ve spent in an exhausted recovery mode. Frankly, that was workout enough. It’s not fun but it’s just my reality right now. I will get back in a groove, I’m promising myself.

Sweet story, the first day with the boot, I was kind of wallowing a bit in my misery and had made a stop at the grocery store for a few things. As I was walking, clumping, to my car with a grocery bag in each hand, I passed a woman who gave me the nicest look and said, “I’m sorry.” She made me laugh at how I must have had the most miserable look on my face and it cheered me up. It’s nice to be on the mend and to know what the problem is.

Plus, I got a little status update on my bone spur. Of course it’s the same foot as the stress fracture and I really think the stress fracture was caused by the metal plate that I wear in my shoe to prevent my toe from bending back.

Anyway, we compared an x-ray from eight months ago, until now and my bone spur looks exactly the same. Looking at a image of the foot actually shows the arthritis inflammation in that joint to be a little less as well. So, that’s good news.

I think it’s feeling better. I’m not in pain constantly, although it wasn’t a lot of pain, anyhow, but enough to know that something was wrong.

So, that’s where I’m at. Me and my boot and my itchy leg, thunking and clumping around and hobbling up and down stairs. Hopefully soon, I’m going mobile.

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