social workout

Hi everyone!

Seems I can’t seem to keep up with myself this past week or so, I seem to be so busy. Although, I’ve been keeping up with Bootcamp four days a week and I’m really starting to love it. Our workouts are different every day and I love the variety.

The group that goes at 5AM is a really nice crowd. I’m really enjoying the social aspect of the workout. My friends are all still going at 6AM, so we do see each other in passing, but I’m working out with strangers, which I like because it’s less distracting. I’m a pretty friendly person and happy to strike up conversations with whomever wants to chat, so it’s been fun making new friends.

I like the socail side of working out, it makes me feel like I have a small community. I work in a tiny office and there are only three of us, so when my boss is around, my coworkers and I don’t do much socializing, but we do chat a bit when we can. My days are not filled with nearly enough people for my needs, so, I think I’ve found the answer in my social workout. I can bond with my 5AM workout buddies. We work up a great sweat and then get on with our day.

The instructor really takes us through the paces and I really like the full workouts. We haven’t done an interval workout in a while, and that was the one that really drove me crazy. We did do a cardio circuit workout the other day, and she never actually told us how long the intervals were going to be, so that was helpful, to not be counting down for when it will be over. I’m learning to not to worry about the time and to just do the workout. Shut up and sweat, right?

I’m noticing myself getting stronger. While the scale isn’t actually budging very much, my clothes are fitting completely different. Like almost a full size different.

I’ve got three more weeks of bootcamp and I have no idea what the financial commitment is to continue. I’m also not sure how long I can do this getting up at 4:30 AM thing, so it may not be the ideal solution. But, I do like the morning workout.

Would you go crazy without very much socialization during your day, or do you relish the peace and tranquility of no noises?

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