summer activities for the family

If your family is going to stay in the city for the summer, do not despair, as you can come up with a number of fun family activities. In today’s post, we will offer you 10 family outdoor activities. As a parent, you may also want to take a look at this post, which talks about how to spend time with benefits for your child’s studies.

  1. Learning something new

In summer, there is a lot of activities to do with kids, which you can do in a fun way. If your son or daughter has never ridden a bike in their life – it’s time to learn how to do this. One of the best bits of parenting advice is to arrange a family outing and call it a learning day. Think of the prizes that will reward the child for success.

You may also teach your child to skate, skateboard, play badminton, frisbee, throw a boomerang, run kites – these sports not only help to have a good time for the entire family, but also contribute to the development of communication skills. Many children are keen on such sports, and this will allow your child to make new friends.

  1. Building a hut

An apartment is not among the fun places for family vacation during the summer heat! Go to the park or, better still, to the countryside, where you can build a new “home”. Recall how in the childhood you would build a hut with the help of rugs and a table, pressing them by means of books to the table top and apply these skills when coming up with weekend activities.

In the park or other family fun places, you may find dry sticks for the frame and roof. As a covering, it is possible to use foliage, a fern, and branches of trees. Be sure to prepare sandwiches and sweets to have some rest after building a hut and spend your first dinner in the new house with your whole family.

  1. Film a movie or a cartoon

Looking for fun activity ideas? Grab the camera and go videotape! However, you may want to come up with a script in advance: you may write it yourself, or you may take a favorite movie as a basis.

Gather the child’s friends, let them distribute the roles, come up with the scenery, find a place to shoot – this will be among the best family recreational activities. You may act as an assistant in their work being a cameraman. This way your entire family can have fun, and the child, in particular, will get the opportunity to do as much work themselves as possible.

If the idea with shooting a movie activity for kids is too complex, you may film a continuation of your favorite TV series or a cartoon, reshoot Harry Potter, or just shoot a video diary, where you and your child talk about things. In a few years, you will find this tape, and it will put a smile on your face.

  1. Stage a show outdoors

In need of some outdoor family activities? It is time to get out! Your family may come up with a play or a sketch: choose music, costumes, scenery and, of course, the play itself. Rehearse in the park, in the yard, in the country – do not stay at home. When you are ready for the public, you will need to take your disused sheets, paint them and make a curtain, draw posters, invite friends and neighbors – long live the street art!

If things go well, the performance can be held several times if you have enough strength and imagination for such family activities. In addition, in summer all local theaters will be on vacation, which means that the competition is minimal.

  1. Treasure search

Take a metal box and put in it your family “valuables” – these can be small toys, letters, coins, clippings from magazines etc. Find fun places to go with family in the yard or city where you can dig up treasures. Then draw up a map and search for treasure!

  1. Go to open concerts and dances

In summer, in any city, there are a lot of different events that take place outdoors which can remedy if you are looking for stuff to do with kids. Such places are concerts, dance lessons, yoga, games. If you lead an active lifestyle, you can attend such events.

  1. Arrange a water battle

What could be more pleasant than pouring water on each other in the heat when it comes to kids activities this weekend? Especially if the sea or any other waterbody is too far away from you. All you have to do is buy a water gun and let the water war begin!

You can also invite the child’s friends over and call their parents if tasked with the “things to do with family” question. Let them get wet through and have fun. We do not doubt that your family will remember such a day for a long time.

  1. Spend the night under the stars

Here are some family night ideas. Everyone knows that a child must go to bed on time. However, sometimes you can make an exception, especially in August, when almost every night, stars fall with dawns coming so early. Get a tent, dry rations, barbecue grill, warm clothes and a couple of sleeping bags and observe the nightly beauty! Spending a night under the sky is also among the top fun activities for students, as they can learn about stars firsthand.

  1. Handmade fair

Think of a task that your child can do. This can be baking a pie, cooking soap or creating pictures and collages, to name just a few fun activities to do. Try to arrange an auction or a fair where you can sell your own things. Money received can be given to your child as their first salary, which they then can use to buy something important and desirable.

  1. Make a photo album and write a book

Teach your child how to take pictures. Let them inseparably walk with the camera and take pictures of everything that seems interesting to them and symbolizes the summer. Every week, you can come up with new tasks. For example, “My City Tour”, “The Cats of Our Yard”, “My Friends”, “The Most Beloved Things”, “How I See My Future” and so on.

It is even more interesting if your entire family takes pictures and then have those printed out. This will give you all the opportunity to sign each picture and make the experience more memorable.

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