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In the spirit of truth: we organize yoga retreats in Bali and would love you to join us on occasion! Having experienced firsthand people on a retreat relaxing, rediscovering and renewing the essence of who they really are, we have quite a few insights to share.

Most yoga practitioners look forward to time in a yoga retreat. Why? Here’s what retreats can truly help with!

It’s different from a “regular” holiday

Admit it, an ordinary holiday can be taxing. Whether travels spanning time-zones, visiting distant relatives or just indulging ourselves every day, we often return home more tired than rejuvenated!

A yoga retreat takes the excesses out, balances the lifestyle, and allows you to connect with nature. Most retreats are on or nearby picturesque locations, near beaches, lakes or hills. Yoga is great in itself, but in such environments the practice tends to become more ‘fulfilling’.

Shake up your practice!

Improve your yoga skills. A yoga retreat allows you to explore a different style or perspective of practice. You get to make modifications or attempt to improve your postures or movements. Yoga retreats often combine yoga with other activities like meditation, therapy or even hiking and scuba diving! Explore, Indulge and Enjoy Yourself!

A fresh start

Retreats offer up a chance to open up your eyes, a change of environment and scenery, and new experiences. All this aids a fresh outlook, a newer perspective and a chance to rekindle our passion. We get to remind ourselves of what is important and what our purpose in life is. This break from one’s normal lifestyle sheds clarity on who we are and gives us a zone where we can even contemplate and make long overdue decisions related to life, work, hobbies or even relationships. All in the midst of a healthy environment and invigorating atmosphere.

Connecting with others

Connecting with like-minded yogis is perhaps the most invaluable, yet often overlooked aspect. We have been witness to a number of friendships born on retreats. You also get to connect and interact with the locals and their life.

The modern world has become too hectic and stressful, retreats can help break that pattern. All you need is to unplug yourself, open up to new insights and experiences. Listen to yourself and value yourself. The simple decision to go on a retreat in itself sends the message that we value and take care of ourself and spend time and effort on what we truly desire.

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Tracey Rohan-Irwin
Tracey has worked extensively in the field of fitness and health since her early twenties. With a background in fitness training and holistic living, she started off as a personal trainer for private and corporate clients, and has continued on her own personal journey through the study of yoga and other spiritual disciplines. She travels all over the world, seeking out the best teachers in areas of fitness and health to bring a wealth of knowledge to her own yoga teacher training.