Summer time is a great time to stop by your local farmer’s market or local produce stand for some great seasonal fruits and vegetables. There are many reasons why supporting your local farmer is good for you and good for the community. Here are the top four reason why local food is the best food.

Fresher Food

Foods that are grown locally are fresher because they did not have to be trucked long distances. This means that the local farmer can pick the produce when it is at its peak flavor. They do not have to harvest it early and rely on artificial ripening processes. Nutrients in the food begin to deteriorate as soon as they are picked. Fresher food means that you and your family are getting the maximum benefits from the foods that you eat.

Supports Local Businesses

Buying local means that your money is pumped right back into your community. When the farmer pays local taxes on the revenue that is received from you, it goes into local roads and local schools, not a tax district on the other side of the country. By purchasing local, you are saying that you care about local businesses and that you value the traditions that the small producer stands for, rather than supporting a large corporation.

Builds Community

Buying food locally builds a sense of community and pride. It allows you to get to know the person who grew your food personally. Many farms allow people to come and bring their kids and grandkids to learn about agriculture and see a working farm in action. This not only provides a valuable education, it also provides a sense of connection that lays the foundation for the future of the community.

A Vote for the Future

When you purchase from a farmer who grows organically, you know that they have grown their foods in accordance to the Organic Standards set forth by the United States Department of Agriculture. They have grown their produce using organic crop production fertilizer instead of petrochemicals. Every purchase of local, organic fruits and vegetables is a vote that you believe in these principles and that you want them to continue into the future.

This list is only the beginning of why you should support your local farmers and food producers. It is a win, win for everyone involved.

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