Woman running in a race

Taking part in a run for a charitable fundraiser is all in good spirit and all good health, as well. This one was for a 40-and-over crowd, hence the name, but it was a lot of fun with a great turn out. There were a lot of people there, like kids, who obviously weren’t over the hill, but there was no actual rule. It was a great fun, family day race.

There were singles, full families, with kids and grandparents and all ages and sizes. There were no specifications for walking or running and there was no first prize, only participation prizes which I really liked, as it took the pressure off and cut back on the competitive nature that can be a part of these types of races.

The terrain was decent, except to begin with, with a narrow opening so only a few people were allowed in the front. The first bit was an uphill climb, which seemed to wind a lot of the participants who may not be used to vigorous running or exercise. By the time it leveled off, we were all panting and sweating, so that got us all warmed up, for sure.

It was a nice easy pace and I took my time, it was actually an old trial that was quite beautiful so I rather enjoyed the scenery as I trotted along. There were many people walking, holding hands, even and they seemed to be just enjoying the day.

The trail is a dirt trail and so there was a lot of dust raised by everyone and so when I saw the water station at the two mile mark, I slowed down for a glass. I felt like I had a coating of dirt in my throat, so it was quite refreshing. There was quite a crowd gathered there and I found myself a bit jostled and found it difficult to get out and get motivated again. Part of me wanted to just sit down in the field with my water + Zipfizz and relax.

I did manage to get back on the track again and got my pace back. It was really great to see all the different people there, it seemed like there was a representation for all walks of life. It seemed there was heavier people there who may still be fulfilling their new year’s resolutions and good for them if they were. There was the olympic level runners and they seemed to be in every age group, for the teens to one woman I saw who was easily in her sixties, so that was fantastic. There is a regular man I see at these events who always does amazing and he is 91! I hope I am still that active. Gives one hope.

I knew the trial before i started and had brought a change of shoes and socks, in case it was going to be wet or muddy, but it was fine. The change of shoes was in my car anyhow, so I would have had to run in the wet ones to the finish, as it was.

Overall, it was a good day. I have done this race a few times now and managed to shave off almost five minutes from my last year’s time, so that made me happy. Happier still, if I think I stopped for water twice and walked a bit when I came out of the first water station.

Of course, the way back to the end was the downhill part of the uphill part we had in the beginning so I managed to pick up my pace there. I was very happy with my results, it was a great day and a good cause, plus a good run and great exercise.

There was an after party, of sorts, where they had a barbecue and for activities for the kids that were there. There was a good deal of money raised and no major incidents, so a really good day and I’m glad I ran.



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