I try to eat healthy foods and keep healthy food habits most of the time. I also work out consistently and try to stay informed about nutrition, which is why am studying nutrition. None of those things qualify me to judge your food choices. I am not the food police.

I am the one responsible for the food I put in my mouth. You are responsible for the food you put in your mouth. The only people that I give unsolicited food advice to are my own two children.

Yes, I said “unsolicited.” If you ask for my opinion on food and nutrition, I will try to give it to you.

I am not the food police, in fact, quite the opposite. I love food. I don’t like processed or Frankenfoods and try to stay away from them. I love the colors and the textures and the odors of food, and I love sharing my love of food with my friends and family.

My interest in learning more about food and nutrition is for me and my family, so don’t worry that I will slapping that chocolate bar out of your hands. Also, if you invite me over for dinner, please don’t worry about what you prepare. I’m flexible and I will not go hungry for lack of food. I appreciate your efforts to make something ‘healthy’ for me but mostly because I hope it helps you enjoy good food as well.

I’m just studying nutrition and am really enjoying it, but I still have a long way to go. Much of what I will tell you is what I have learned over my lifetime and mainly over the last three years since I started taking better care of myself.

Even when I do become an Registered Dietitian , I will still NOT be the food police. I will continue to be responsible for my own food choices and I will work with those who choose to utilize my services.

I was doing a little research on this topic yesterday and came across countless articles from other RD’s proclaiming their freedom from being the food police as well.

I’ve made plenty of mistakes in my food choices over the years. I’ve had short lived efforts that included diet pills, shakes and the quick fix fads. I also freely admit to going on the cookie diet for a few weeks when I first decided to change my unhealthy ways three years ago.

I’m not perfect. I’m a believer in the 80/20 rule. I try to eat right 80% of the time and then I’ll know that the 20% of my not healthy choices won’t have a lasting impact on my health.

I don’t always meet that 80% and over the years I’ve learned that for the most part I want the 20% indulgences to really be worth it. I won’t usually eat junk food that are full of fats and sodium, but give me something oozing chocolate or caramel that is homemade and I’m all over that.

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