Dark underarms are a common complaint among many women and men who have otherwise blemish-free skin. While it is true that hormones are one of the main factors responsible for dark underarms, there are many other causes of dark underarms.

Dark Shadows from Shaving

One of the most common causes of dark underarms is frequent shaving, which leaves a little bit of hair underneath the skin, causing it to look dark. When shaving with a razor, the hair gets cut bluntly which makes the dark color more obvious from under your skin.

Normally hair grows out through the follicle with a little point on the end that keeps it softer and is not so noticeable when coming up through the skin. When you chop it off flat, it causes the hair to be more of a prominent shadow.

The only real way to avoid this situation is to stop shaving and start waxing. Waxing your underarms pulls hair right out of the follicle. When the hair grows back in, it will grow with that small little fine point on the end and but will not have that bluntness which comes from shaving, so it will be less obvious as far as the dark shadow goes.

Chemical Reactions Caused by Antiperspirants

Many of the commercially available antiperspirants or deodorants you use contain aluminum derivatives and parabens which block the pores of your skin. These set off certain chemical reactions in the body. Everyone’s body is different and we give off different salts and different enzymes and it is quite possible this can cause your armpits to darken.

Of course, everyone wants to smell nice throughout the day and you don’t have to give up using deodorants. By simply switching to a natural deodorant, such as No Pong, you can keep smelling fresh throughout the day and over a period of time find that your underarms will appear lighter.

Most natural deodorants contain ingredients which are effective in reducing armpit bacteria which is responsible for body odor. No Pong contains beeswax and coconut oil which keep you smelling pleasant, and other ingredients which effectively absorb sweat, without blocking pores like antiperspirants, so your skin continues to breathe. It also has an all-natural fragrance which is refreshing, light and pleasant smelling on its own, but can be used along with your favorite perfume.

Also, unlike some deodorants that dissolve easily and stain clothes due to excessive sweating caused by heavy exercise or during periods of high stress, most natural deodorants keep your clothes stain-free, so you don’t have to use more chemicals when washing them.

Most important, you will also improve your health in the long term by preventing harmful chemicals present in antiperspirants from entering your body and causing harm.

Medical Causes

Although not very common, in some instances, a medical condition can be the cause of dark markings under armpits.

If you have tried everything, and are still suffer the embarrassment of dark skin, then it’s best to consult your dermatologist. There are instances where dark underarms have been the result of insulin production caused by a glandular disorder.

Excessively overweight people often show symptoms of dark patches under the arms and in the groin area due to medical conditions which manifest from organs working overtime to maintain bodily functions. In many such instances, improving the diet and controlling what’s eaten can be quite helpful in balancing insulin release, although it’s advisable to consult a doctor to determine if this really is the cause.

Bleaching With Lemon

 If you believe dark underarms are the result of hyperpigmentation, the answer for making your skin lighter is to prepare a homemade bleach using some lemon. Lemon is a natural bleaching agent.

All you need to do is cut open a lemon and rub the inside of the fruit over your underarms, twice or thrice a day. You can do this before going to work in the morning and also later in the evening or at night.

If your hyperpigmentation is caused by building up of dead skin cells under your armpits, you will notice a lot of tiny creases, ridges and bumps. Sometimes when shedding, skin cells don’t come off completely. If they are not scrubbed off, dead skin builds up and gets trapped, leading to discoloration. It’s not only the armpits which can get discolored due to dead skin buildup, but also knees and elbows, which aren’t always scrubbed well.

You can also use an exfoliator, one which contains lactic acid. With daily use, you will begin to see the dead skin slough off until the skin in your underarms appears several shades lighter, just like the appearance of skin after waxing.

What has been revealed are some safe and inexpensive ways to lighten dark underarms. Since everyone has different skin types, the effectiveness of the treatment methods described can differ. Instead of trying all the methods at once, pick one that you feel most comfortable with and give yourself a few weeks to find out if it works. If it doesn’t, pick another method, until you find one which gives you the best results. If you are unsure of anything, consult with a dermatologist for guidance.

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