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Numerous books and posts tell you about how fulfilling and glorious parenthood is. The annoying, hit-you-in-the-face and crying-in-your-bedroom reality is that you are vomited on, have no spare time and deal with insomnia every day just to get by. We sympathize with you, but producing a human being is a heroic act that no matter what people say, gives you a little leeway to not look your calm and collected self at every single moment.

Parenting is like dealing with a horde of Velociraptors. Kids stomp, yell and throw things for no reason! But, yes, kids are also adorable little creatures, who have no clue as to how they are making your life miserable and you wouldn’t exchange them for anything.

So, to give you a little dose of laughter, we present to you ten memes for kids that will have you falling off your seat and rolling on the floor:

1. Do You? No. Do You? No… Again and Again and Again

It’s useless, if you ask us. They are never going to tell you when they have to poop… God knows why. Every mother knows that when you have fed your kid, it becomes your sacred duty to ask every 30 minutes whether your kid wants to poop or not.

The mess is something that you can’t deal with, but YOU HAVE TO. Better safe than smelly!

2. Being Overdramatic

Have you ever felt that your kid thinks he isn’t loved much?

No matter how much you tell them that this is going to be a fun day and they will be “reborn,” they will think that you are trying to get rid of them.

3. I Am Smarter Than You

There you are, blabbing in the kitchen about how Aunt Marsha keeps sticking her nose into things that are clearly not her business and your kid just stares at you. Even he knows that 3 does come after 2 and that you need to tell Aunt Marsha to stick her opinions where the sun doesn’t shine.

4. Being Adorable and Then the Meltdown

Watching our kids do adorable acts for the first time and discovering the world are some things that we all look forward too. The classic meet-up is too cute to even describe through words, but when this goes beyond the house, all you can think about is, “Great, my kid is not normal”.

5. For Life

Yup, your kid starts judging you the moment he is born. So, if you are planning to play the “I gave birth to you” card, then we suggest nixing it. Of course, they know you gave birth to them, but it was your choice.

If you open this can of worms, then be ready for parent-teacher meetings and parties, where your kid will blurt just about anything and embarrass you.

6. I Am Sorry He Said That

You know how kids say whatever comes to their mind and at the most inappropriate times, right? Yeah, well, there are just some occasions when you should leave your kid with the baby sitter at home.

What did you expect would happen when your kid was prodded for being “too cute” or “too tall for his age”? Retaliation in whatever way he seems fit! Hence the funeral fiasco, and now you have learned your lesson.

7. They Are Up To Something

NEVER EVER leave your kids alone. If they are making noises and you can hear the pitter patter of their tiny feet, then be at ease. It’s the silence before the storm that you should be worried about. God knows what they are up to when they think that you are not looking.

Keep an eye on your little devil because at some point in your life, your kid will bring chaos, which will be so horrible that you will have nightmares for years.

8. Clueless Tantrums

4-Year-Old: Mommy, can I have ice cream for breakfast.

Mom: No

Cue the biggest crying tantrum.

After a few minutes of crying, you put down the coco puffs on the table and he is still crying while pouring milk in the bowl.

Mom: Why are you crying, sweety?

4-Year-Old: I don’t know.

Mom: Then stop crying and eat your cereal.

4-Year-Old: I can’t stop.

Every conversation goes like this!

9. I Love You, Mommy

The struggle of changing the diaper and anticipating the pee that might come flying your way is nothing compared to when you pick your kid up and feel the warm trickle of poop sliding down your blouse.

Well, there goes another blouse in the bin, and we suggest that you don’t try to salvage it. The memory alone is enough to give you dry heaves. Here’s a tip: when you see your baby making that relaxed face, it’s time to rush or put him back down so that “shit” doesn’t hit you.

10. The Loophole

No matter what you tell your kid, they will find a way around it.

And their way will be so darn genius that you will be left scratching your head and wondering how the hell did they come up with that! Never underestimate your kid because their young brain runs a million miles a second and all the ideas they come up with will be your worst nightmare.

Did you get your daily dose of laughter? Well, then, back to parenting.

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