Life Time Fitness Review

Ah, the holidays. There’s nothing quite like the magic of vibrant presents stacked beneath a tree, cozying up by the fire with a good book, or making snow angels with my kids. Unfortunately, there’s also nothing quite like the temptations that the holiday season brings: hot chocolate, nog, sugar cookies, an endless parade of sweets and treats that, while delicious, leave me sluggish winterlong, unable to fully enjoy the majesty of the season or have the energy I need for some quality family time.

The Life Time Fitness Near Me

Enter Life Time Fitness. I’ve been going here the past few months since I switched over from my local rec center. I had heard about the variety of classes offered, and decided to go in for a trial. While signing up for my free session, I was treated more like a sales number than I had been at any other gym, and almost changed my mind – it felt like I was being pressured to join without having experienced all the gym had to offer. But I warmed up to the experience once I started working out on the main floor.

Equipment & Facilities

It was clean, spacious, and had all the equipment I needed, and then some! And when I saw the pool – complete with water slides and a play area for kids – I was hooked. At the end of my workout, I checked the class list, which was full of names like “Warrior Sculpt” and “Strike”, and that was when I knew for sure. I had to give membership a whirl.

Since joining up, the staff have felt more personable and less pushy. And honestly, how stressed I felt before signing up has been worth it in the long run. My family has gotten so much joy out of the gym since, and the diverse class offerings motivate me like nothing else to get out the door and get my fitness on. And the best part? The opportunities for the whole family.


It’s been wonderful having my little ones take part in fun classes! As a busy mom of two, it’s amazing to know that my children are having a blast while I’m getting a great workout. Having time to myself is important, but my need for some “me time” shouldn’t mean that my children are glued to their screens or stuck in an underwhelming care center. Instead, my kids, who always seem to be bubbling over with extra energy to burn, get to jump in on karate and yoga classes made for their age groups.

If I come at the right time, there are even Spanish classes for my kiddos. I love knowing that my little ones are having enriching experiences at the same time that I am – and my body feels great from all the time that I have to work out. Whether I’m doing reps, taking the TCX class (intense interval-style cardio), or swimming laps, my kids are engaged in something too. It makes the experience less about “me time”, and more about family time.

While my kids are happily occupied, I feel free to do things that nourish my soul, like engaging in a little self-care with hot yoga. The hot yoga classes help me when the cold has set in for the winter, and the deep stretching and heat leave me cleansed, limber, and refreshed. After a long day, it’s just what the doctor ordered. It really loosens up my muscles and gets me the deep stretch I crave.

Spa Services

Nothing can really compare to the spa services, especially while winter rages on outside. Post workout, I love being able to unwind in the dry sauna or the hot tub. My husband and I often make a date of it; after spending some time on the machines or spinning, we unwind in the hot tub and enjoy one another’s company. It’s a really special chance for us to reconnect after a long, busy day.


By the time we’re finished working out, we’re all ravenous. Sometimes, we’ll treat ourselves to dinner at the café. We make it a no-screen zone, and I use it as a chance to hear about what my kids got to do that day at the gym.

The café itself has a variety of healthy options for adults. My favorite post-workout meal is definitely the spicy vegetable salad – cruciferous veggies are filling and great for digestion – paired with their acai berry recovery smoothie. And my kids love to indulge in a shared almond butter smoothie, giving them some much-needed protein after running around all day.

I do wish the kids’ meal options were healthier – there are mostly pizzas and chicken tenders available – so instead I usually buy them a veggie-loaded bowl or salad, and we take the leftovers home. That’s another thing: the waste. Being health conscious and environmentally responsible go hand in hand, and I’m aware of how much plastic gets thrown away at Life Time, since there are no recycling bins on site that I’ve seen. To avoid as much of the trash as we can, my kids, husband, and I just bring our own water bottles, and I carry an extra to-go container in my gym bag in case one of us can’t finish our meal.

All in all, I’m really thrilled with my choice to join Life Time. The amenities and offerings make my whole family happy while still providing me with time to challenge myself physically. My kids look forward to our time at the gym, and I do too. No amount of snow can keep me from staying fit this year – bring it on, winter!

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