life cycle of a blog

Starting a blog and continuing to write a blog has been really therapeutic for me. It’s been more than that. It’s been really wonderful, on many levels.

I started this because I do battle with weight, and have done since I was young. So, the combination of family, fitness and food was a really the focal point for me. My relationships with all three. The relationships and the need to keep all of those healthy.

It’s the balance of these factors I need to embrace. It took me a long time to understand the reasons why I ate, and over-ate. Those feelings and urges are still there, but at least I understand them now and have the tools to deal with them.

It’s been a lifelong journey to find that balance and to get myself and my family out ahead of it.

So, starting this blog has enabled me to not only track my progress, but to also meet so many like-minded people other there with the same issues. I’m an emotional eater and can devour an entire coffee cake in one sitting just to make myself feel better, which of course, only makes me feel worse and then the cycle of self-hating begins.

Starting to run, to exercise and to find a balance with fitness has been a wonderful adventure for me. I have met so many people along the way, people who battle the same things I do, it’s nice to have company.

I have learned so much through the blog, and by reading yours, as well. I now love running and exercise and have embraced the whole fitness aspect, but i try to keep it all in check, as well.

I don’t beat myself up if I have a second helping or indulge at the holidays with all the baking an extra treats around the house. I have learned it really is all part of the balance of fitness, family and food.

Blogging has been a helpful way to express myself I ways I never really did before. It feels like a private way to unload but with an audience that gets me. It’s been a great way to keep track of all my accomplishment and it has taken me to places I never would have dreamed I would see.

It’s been a great way to connect, to learn and to try and decipher so much of the information out there. There is no miracle cure for losing weight, so embracing that and understanding that has been a really big accomplishment for me.

I’m really happy you have been along for this journey and it’s been life changing for me. I know there are tons of moms who blog and so many fitness blogs out there, but this is mine and I’m pleased to be at this point in it.

I’ve gone from insecure, late-bloomer who was always overweight to someone who has a grip on her food issues, has learned so much and am passing that all on to my family.

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