There are plenty of things to keep kids entertained in Yono. For starters, there’s the Yono Park, which has a large playground and a lively atmosphere. Other kid-friendly attractions include the Yono Zoo, the Yono Children’s Museum, and the Yono Aquarium. If your kids are into sports, they’ll be happy to know that Yono is home to a number of parks and open spaces perfect for playing ball or running around. And, of course, no trip to Yono would be complete without a visit to the famous Yono Castle.

10 Fun & Kid-Friendly Things To Do In Yono, Japan

1. Visit Edo Wonderland

Edo Wonderland is a historical theme park that recreates the feeling of living in Japan during the Edo period. Visitors can experience what life was like in this time period by dressing up in traditional clothing, attending shows, and exploring the various shops and homes throughout the park.

2. Take a walk through Oji Zoo

Oji Zoo is a lovely place to take a stroll and see some of Japan’s unique and interesting animals. The zoo has tigers, elephants, lions, and other animals that kids will love to see.

3. Play at Kitanomaru Park

Kitanomaru Park is a large park located in the center of Tokyo. The park has a playground, a pond, and plenty of space to run around and explore.

4. Check out Tokyo Sea Life Park

Tokyo Sea Life Park is an aquarium that showcases the coastal waters of Japan. Kids will love seeing the various fish, crabs, and other sea creatures on display.

5. Have fun at Sunshine City

Sunshine City is an indoor amusement park that has rides, games, and other attractions. The park is perfect for a rainy day or when the weather is too hot outside.

6. explore Meiji Jingu

Meiji Jingu is a large Shinto shrine that is dedicated to the Meiji Emperor. The shrine is surrounded by a forest and is a peaceful place to explore.

7. Visit the Tokyo Skytree

The Tokyo Skytree is the tallest free-standing structure in Japan. Visitors can go to the top of the tower to get a 360-degree view of Tokyo.

8. See the pandas at Ueno Zoo

Ueno Zoo is home to a pair of pandas that are always a hit with kids. The zoo also has other animals, such as elephants, tigers, and monkeys.

9. Ride the monorail at Tokyo Disneyland

Tokyo Disneyland has a monorail that goes around the park. This is a great way to see all of the different areas of the park and get a bird’s eye view of the rides and attractions.

10. Watch a sumo wrestling match

Sumo wrestling is a popular sport in Japan and kids will love watching the matches. Tickets can be purchased to watch matches at the Ryogoku Kokugikan stadium.


1. What Is The Capital Of Japan?

The capital of Japan is Tokyo.

2. What Is The Population Of Japan?

The population of Japan is over 127 million.

3. What Is The Currency Of Japan?

The currency of Japan is the Japanese yen.

4. What Is The Official Language Of Japan?

The official language of Japan is Japanese.

5. What Is The Climate Like In Japan?

The climate in Japan is generally temperate, with four distinct seasons.

6. What Is The Landscape Like In Japan?

The landscape of Japan is varied, with mountains, plains, and coastal areas.

7. What Is The Highest Mountain In Japan?

Mount Fuji is the highest mountain in Japan.

8. What Are The Major Rivers In Japan?

The major rivers in Japan include the Tone River, the Shinano River, and the Sayano-Shiozawa River.

9. What Are The Major Lakes In Japan?

The major lakes in Japan include Lake Biwa, Lake Inawashiro, and Lake Kawaguchi.

10. What Are Some Of The Major Cities In Japan?

Major cities in Japan include Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, and Sapporo.

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