Woodworth, Louisiana is the perfect place for families with young children. There are plenty of kid-friendly activities to keep little ones entertained, including the Woodworth Children’s Museum, the Woodworth Zoo, and the Woodworth Aquarium. For outdoor fun, families can enjoy the many parks and playgrounds scattered throughout the city. And for a dose of culture, the Woodworth Arts District offers museums, art galleries, and live performances. Woodworth is also home to a number of festivals and events throughout the year, making it the perfect destination for a family getaway.

10 Fun & Kid-Friendly Things To Do In Woodworth, Louisiana

1. Visit the Woodworth Museum to learn about the history and culture of the area.

2. Stroll through Riverside Park and take in the scenic views of the Red River.

3. Visit the Woodworth Zoo to see a variety of animals from all over the world.

4. Go fishing at one of the many lakes and ponds in the area.

5. Play a round of golf at one of the local courses.

6. Go for a hike or bike ride through the beautiful woods and trails in Woodworth.

7. Visit the Louisiana State Fairgrounds to check out the exhibits and attractions.

8. Go to a movie at the Woodworth Theater or catch a live performance at the Woodworth Performing Arts Center.

9. Shop till you drop at the many retailers and boutiques in Woodworth.

10. Sample the delicious cuisine at the local restaurants and cafes.


1.What Is The Population Of Woodworth, Louisiana?

The population of Woodworth, Louisiana is 8,285, according to the 2010 census.

2.What Is The History Of Woodworth, Louisiana?

Woodworth, Louisiana was founded in 1873 and named for Colonel James Woodworth, who served in the American Civil War.

3.What Is The Climate In Woodworth, Louisiana?

Woodworth, Louisiana has a humid subtropical climate, with hot, humid summers and mild to cool winters.

4.What Are The Demographics Of Woodworth, Louisiana?

The demographics of Woodworth, Louisiana show that the population is 54.4% African American, 40.3% Caucasian, and 3.3% Hispanic or Latino.

5.What Are The Landmarks In Woodworth, Louisiana?

Some of the landmarks in Woodworth, Louisiana include the Woodworth Town Hall, the Woodworth United Methodist Church, and the Woodworth Presbyterian Church.

6.What Is The Economy Like In Woodworth, Louisiana?

The economy of Woodworth, Louisiana is diverse, with industries such as healthcare, manufacturing, and retail.

7.What Is The Education System Like In Woodworth, Louisiana?

The education system in Woodworth, Louisiana is served by the Rapides Parish School District. There are several schools in the district, including Woodworth Middle School and Woodworth Elementary School.

8.What Is The Crime Rate Like In Woodworth, Louisiana?

The crime rate in Woodworth, Louisiana is relatively low, but has been trending upward in recent years.

9.What Are The Sports Teams In Woodworth, Louisiana?

There are no professional sports teams in Woodworth, Louisiana, but there are several amateur and youth sports teams.

10.What Are The City Laws In Woodworth, Louisiana?

Some of the city laws in Woodworth, Louisiana include a curfew for minors, a ban on open containers of alcohol in public, and a noise ordinance.

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