There are a number of kid friendly activities to do in Winn, Maine. One can take a short drive to the neighboring town of Augusta to explore the Maine State Museum. Or, one can explore the local area and visit the Broome Center, which offers a number of interactive activities for kids. There are also a number of parks in the area that are perfect for a picnic lunch or an afternoon of playing. And, of course, no visit to Maine is complete without stopping by a local ice cream shop!

10 Fun & Kid-Friendly Things To Do In Winn, Maine

1. Visit the Maine Potato Museum

Maine is the nation’s leading producer of potatoes, so it’s only fitting that there is a museum dedicated to this humble vegetable. The Maine Potato Museum chronicles the history of potato farming in the state, from the early days of manual labor to the modern era of mechanization. Visitors can see vintage tractors and farming equipment, learn about the different types of potatoes grown in Maine, and even try their hand at digging up some spuds. After working up an appetite, be sure to stop by the on-site café for a heaping helping of Maine’s famous potato pancakes.

2. Take a Hike on the Aroostook Valley Trail

The Aroostook Valley Trail is a 33-mile multi-use recreational trail that traverses the picturesque countryside of Maine’s Aroostook County. The trail is open to hikers, bikers, horseback riders, and cross-country skiers, and offers stunning views of the surrounding farmland, forests, and lakes. Along the way, there are several places of interest to visit, including an abandoned railroad trestle, an old jailhouse, and the historic Fort Kent Blockhouse.

3. Visit the Churchill Wilds

The Churchill Wilds is a 4,000-acre wilderness area in northern Maine that is home to an abundance of wildlife, including moose, bears, eagles, and otters. Visitors can explore the wilds on foot, by canoe, or on a guided ATV tour. There are also several scenic hiking trails and camping areas.

4. Spend the Day at Quaggy Jo Park

Quaggy Jo Park is a popular recreation spot in the town of Fort Kent. The park offers a 9-hole disc golf course, picnic areas, walking trails, and a playground. In the winter, the park’s sledding hill and skating rink are a hit with local families.

5. Visit the Fort Kent Historical Museum

The Fort Kent Historical Museum is housed in a former schoolhouse and chronicles the history of the town from its early days as a lumbering and farming community to its present-day status as a recreation destination. The museum features a variety of exhibits, including a log cabin, a train depot, and a blacksmith shop.

6.Explore the St. John Valley

The St. John Valley is a culturally diverse region in northern Maine that is known for its beautiful scenery and friendly people. Visitors can explore the valley’s many small towns and villages, visit historic sites, go hiking and canoeing in the nearby state parks, and sample the region’s traditional foods.

7. Visit the Maine State Aquarium

The Maine State Aquarium is a great place to learn about the state’s marine life. The aquarium features a variety of exhibits, including a touch tank, a seal-watching area, and a coral reef. The aquarium is also home to a lobster hatchery, where visitors can see lobster larvae up close.

8. Take a Cruise on the Penobscot River

The Penobscot River is one of Maine’s most scenic waterways. Visitors can take a leisurely cruise on the river and enjoy the beautiful scenery, or go whitewater rafting on the river’s rapids. There are also several places to fish along the river.

9. Visit the Maine Maritime Museum

The Maine Maritime Museum is a maritime history museum located in the city of Bath. The museum features a variety of exhibits on the state’s maritime history, including shipbuilding, lobster fishing, and the Titanic. The museum also has a working shipyard where visitors can watch shipbuilders at work.

10. Go Golfing at The Aroostook Valley Country Club

The Aroostook Valley Country Club is a top-rated golf course in the town of Fort Kent. The course features 18 holes, a practice green, and a clubhouse. The club also offers a variety of golfing and lodging packages.


1. What Is The History Of Winn, Maine?

Winn was first settled in the 1760s and was incorporated as a town in 1771. The town was named for Colonel John Winn, a hero of the French and Indian War.

2. What Is The Climate Like In Winn, Maine?

The climate in Winn is cold and snowy in the winter, and warm and pleasant in the summer.

3. What Is The Population Of Winn, Maine?

The population of Winn is approximately 1,700.

4. What Is The Economy Of Winn, Maine Like?

The economy of Winn is mainly based on agriculture and tourism.

5. What Are Some Of The Main Attractions In Winn, Maine?

Some of the main attractions in Winn include the Winn Mountain ski area, the Winnipesaukee Scenic Railroad, and the Moose Brook State Park.

6. What Are The Schools In Winn, Maine Like?

The schools in Winn are small and quiet, with a strong focus on academics.

7. What Is The Crime Rate In Winn, Maine?

The crime rate in Winn is very low, and the town is considered to be a safe place to live.

8. What Is The Cost Of Living In Winn, Maine?

The cost of living in Winn is slightly higher than the average cost of living in Maine.

9. What Is The Food Like In Winn, Maine?

The food in Winn is typical of Maine cuisine, and includes a lot of seafood, potatoes, and other local ingredients.

10. What Are The People Like In Winn, Maine?

The people of Winn are friendly and welcoming, and are proud of their small town.

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