Williamstown, Kentucky, is a great place for families with young children. There are plenty of kid-friendly things to do in and around town. The Williamstown community pool is open to the public from Memorial Day to Labor Day, and features a waterslide, diving boards, and a kiddie pool. There are also multiple parks in town, including Veteran’s Memorial Park and Maxeen Marshall Park, both of which have playgrounds. The Lcerny Arena is a great place to take the kids skating in the winter, and the Williamstown Movie Theater is a great place to take them to see the latest family-friendly films. Williamstown is also home to the Kentucky Railway Museum, which offers train rides and educational exhibits about the history of railroading.

10 Fun & Kid-Friendly Things To Do In Williamstown, Kentucky

1. Visit the Ark Encounter – The Ark Encounter is a life-size replica of Noah’s Ark from the Bible. Visitors can tour the ark, learn about the biblical flood, and see live animals.

2. Take a scenic hike at the Williamstown Lake State Park – Williamstown Lake State Park offers scenic hiking trails, fishing, and boating. Visitors can also enjoy picnicking and swimming at the beach.

3. Visit the Grant County Museum – The Grant County Museum offers a look into the local history of Grant County. Visitors can see exhibits on the county’s Native American history, the Revolutionary War, and the Civil War.

4. Shop at the Grant County Farmers’ Market – The Grant County Farmers’ Market is open from April to October and offers a variety of locally grown fruits, vegetables, and other items.

5. Taste the local flavors at the Williamstown Winery – The Williamstown Winery offers a variety of red and white wines made from locally grown grapes. Visitors can take a tour of the winery and taste the wines.

6. Play a round of golf at the Grant County Golf Club – The Grant County Golf Club is a 18 hole, par 72 course that offers a challenging game of golf. Visitors can also enjoy the clubhouse, pro shop, and snack bar.

7. Go camping at the Dry Ridge State Park – The Dry Ridge State Park offers camping, fishing, hiking, and picnicking. Visitors can also enjoy a scenic view of the Kentucky River from the overlook.

8. Take a riverboat cruise on the Kentucky River – The Kentucky Riverboat Cruise offers a 1.5 hour cruise on the Kentucky River. Visitors can see the riverfront of downtown Williamstown and the historic homes along the river.

9. Visit the Creation Museum – The Creation Museum offers a look at the history of the world from a biblical perspective. Visitors can see exhibits on Noah’s Ark, the dinosaurs, and the Garden of Eden.

10. Attend a live performance at the NKU Center for the Arts – The NKU Center for the Arts offers a variety of live performances throughout the year. Visitors can see concerts, plays, and dance performances.


1. What Is The History Of Williamstown, Kentucky?

The city of Williamstown was founded in 1849 and is named after William Ingles, an early settler of the area. The town was originally settled by farmers looking for good land to farm, but soon became home to many different businesses and industries. The city grew rapidly in the late 1800s and early 1900s, and today is a thriving community with a strong sense of history and pride.

2. What Are The Top Attractions In Williamstown, Kentucky?

Some of the top attractions in Williamstown include the Williamstown Lake State Park, the Tiger Woods Golf Course, and the Historic Railpark and Train Museum. The city is also home to a number of museums, art galleries, and libraries, making it a great place to learn about the area’s history and culture.

3. What Are The Best Restaurants In Williamstown, Kentucky?

There are a number of excellent restaurants in Williamstown, Kentucky, offering something to suit every taste. For a casual meal, try one of the city’s many BBQ joints or pizzerias. For something a little more formal, there are a number of excellent seafood and steakhouses.

4. What Is The Nightlife Like In Williamstown, Kentucky?

The nightlife in Williamstown, Kentucky is fairly low-key, with a few bars and pubs scattered around the city. However, the city is home to a number of excellent live music venues, making it a great place to enjoy a night out.

5. What Are The Shopping Options In Williamstown, Kentucky?

The city of Williamstown offers a number of excellent shopping options, from department stores and malls to boutique shops and locally-owned businesses. Whether you’re looking for the latest fashion trends or unique gifts, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for in Williamstown.

6. What Are The Transportation Options In Williamstown, Kentucky?

Williamstown is served by a number of different transportation options, including a public bus system, taxi services, and a few different airport shuttle services. The city is also easily accessible by car, and there are a number of parking options available.

7. What Is The Climate Like In Williamstown, Kentucky?

Williamstown has a temperate climate, with four distinct seasons. The summers are hot and humid, with temperatures often reaching into the 90s. The winters are relatively mild, with occasional snowfall.

8. What Is The Cost Of Living In Williamstown, Kentucky?

The cost of living in Williamstown is fairly reasonable, especially when compared to other cities of similar size. The median household income is just over $50,000, and the median home price is around $140,000.

9. What Are The Education Options In Williamstown, Kentucky?

The city of Williamstown is served by a number of excellent educational institutions, both public and private. There are a number of elementary and secondary schools, as well as several colleges and universities.

10. What Are The Healthcare Options In Williamstown, Kentucky?

The city of Williamstown is served by a number of excellent healthcare facilities, including a hospital, a number of clinics, and a number of private practices. There are also a number of pharmacies and other healthcare resources available.

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