There are plenty of kid friendly activities to enjoy in Wil, Switzerland. The city is home to numerous parks where children can explore and play. The Zoo Thun is also a great place to take youngsters, as is the Adventureland theme park. Families can also walk or cycle along the Aare River, visit the Botanical Gardens or take a cable car ride up to the nearby Weissenstein peak for breathtaking views. For an educational outing, the St. Gallen Textile Museum is perfect, while those looking for some thrills can head to the Sodweg toboggan run.

10 Fun & Kid-Friendly Things To Do In Wil, Switzerland

#1 Visit the Schlosskellerei

The Schlosskellerei is a must-see for any kid friendly trip to Wil, Switzerland. The large castle-like structure is a winery that offers free tours and tastings for visitors. The knowledgeable staff is great with kids and will teach them all about the wine-making process. After the tour, be sure to pick up a few bottles of the delicious wine to take home!

#2 Take a Hike up to the Hohenzollern Burg

The Hohenzollern Burg is a great place to take a hike with kids. The views from the top are incredible and the kids will love exploring the castle ruins. The hike is not too difficult and can be completed in a couple of hours.

#3 Visit the Wasserfalle St. Leonhard

The Wasserfalle St. Leonhard is a beautiful waterfall located just outside of Wil. The easy hike to the waterfall is perfect for families with small children. The rewarding views at the end make the hike worth it!

#4 Play at the Spielplatz

The Spielplatz is a large playground located in the center of Wil. The playground has something for everyone, with slides, swings, and climbing structures. The playground is a great place to tire out the kids before bedtime!

#5 Visit the Maximilian Museum

The Maximilian Museum is a great place to take kids in Wil. The museum is dedicated to the life of Emperor Maximilian I and his family. The exhibits are interactive and engaging, and the kids will learn a lot about Swiss history.

#6 Go on a Bike Ride

Wil is a great place to go for a family bike ride. There are many scenic routes to choose from, and the kids will love exploring the countryside. Be sure to pack a picnic lunch to enjoy along the way!

#7 Go Swimming at the Waldbad

The Waldbad is a large outdoor swimming pool located just outside of Wil. The pool is perfect for a hot summer day, and the kids will have a blast splashing around. There is also a playground and a restaurant on-site, so you can spend the whole day at the Waldbad!

#8 Visit the Tierpark

The Tierpark is a small zoo located in Wil. The zoo is home to a variety of animals, including tigers, lions, and bears. The kids will love getting up close and personal with the animals, and they will learn a lot about animal conservation.

#9 Have a Picnic in the Park

Wil has many beautiful parks perfect for a family picnic. Grab a blanket and some food, and find a spot to relax and enjoy the day. The kids will love running around and playing games in the park, and you will love the peaceful scenery.

#10 Go on a Boat Ride

There are many boat rental companies in Wil, and a boat ride is a perfect activity for a hot summer day. The kids will love being out on the water, and you will love the views of the city from the boat.


1. What Is The Capital Of Switzerland?

The capital of Switzerland is Bern.

2. What Is The Population Of Switzerland?

The population of Switzerland is 8.42 million.

3. What Is The Currency Of Switzerland?

The currency of Switzerland is the Swiss franc.

4. What Is The Climate Of Switzerland?

The climate of Switzerland is temperate, with average temperatures of 5-10 degrees Celsius in the winter and 20-25 degrees Celsius in the summer.

5. What Is The Highest Point In Switzerland?

The highest point in Switzerland is the Dufourspitze, at 4,634 metres above sea level.

6. What Is The Lowest Point In Switzerland?

The lowest point in Switzerland is Lake Maggiore, at 193 metres above sea level.

7. What Are The Main Languages Spoken In Switzerland?

The main languages spoken in Switzerland are German, French and Italian.

8. What Is The Main Religion In Switzerland?

The main religion in Switzerland is Christianity.

9. What Is The Life Expectancy In Switzerland?

The life expectancy in Switzerland is 82.8 years.

10. What Are The Most Popular Tourist Destinations In Switzerland?

The most popular tourist destinations in Switzerland are the cities of Zurich and Geneva, and the mountain resort of Jungfraujoch.

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