Weert offers a variety of kid-friendly activities to keep little ones occupied. For an active day out, head to one of the local parks or playgrounds. De Bongerd park is a great option, with plenty of open space to run around, a playground and a petting zoo. Another option is De Hamert recreation area, where you can find a swimming pool, animal farm and playground. If the weather isn’t ideal, the Weert Zoo is a great option, where children can see a variety of animals, including lions, tigers and giraffes. For a more cultural activity, pay a visit to the Lambertushof, a historic building with a museum dedicated to the history of Weert.

10 Fun & Kid-Friendly Things To Do In Weert, Netherlands

1. Visit the Burgemeester van Hultenpark

This park is perfect for a family outing, with plenty of space to run around, a playground, and a picnic area. The park is also home to a historic windmill, which is a fun place to explore.

2. Go for a walk or bike ride along the Dommel

The Dommel is a river that flows through Weert, and there are a number of paths along its banks that are perfect for a leisurely stroll or a bike ride. The scenery is lovely, and you might even spot some wildlife along the way.

3. Visit the Weert Museum

This museum is small but interesting, with exhibits on the history of Weert and the surrounding area. It’s a great place to learn more about the town and its people.

4. Stop by St. Willibrord Church

This historic church is one of the most notable landmarks in Weert. It’s worth a visit even if you’re not religious, as it’s a beautiful building inside and out.

5. Shop at the weekly market

Every Wednesday and Saturday, a market is held in Weert’s town square. It’s a great place to find fresh produce, flowers, and other local goods.

6. Play miniature golf at Golfpark de Schilberg

This 18-hole miniature golf course is great fun for the whole family. It’s also located in a beautiful setting, surrounded by woods and fields.

7. Have lunch or dinner at De Pier

De Pier is a popular restaurant located right on the banks of the Dommel. They have a outdoor seating area where you can enjoy the views of the river while you eat.

8. Go for a swim at Zwembad de Roerdomp

This indoor swimming pool is a great place to take the kids on a hot day. There are also a sauna and a steam room if you want to relax after your swim.

9. Get some exercise at Sporthal de Merel

This sports complex has a large gym, a climbing wall, and a number of courts where you can play squash, tennis, or badminton. It’s a great place to work up a sweat.

10. Visit the Psychiatrisch Ziekenhuis Weert

This hospital might not sound like a fun place to visit, but it’s actually home to a museum and a number of art installations. It’s definitely worth a visit if you’re interested in learning more about the history of mental health care in the Netherlands.


1. What Is Weert’S Population?

Weert’s population is around 27,000.

2. What Is The Average Temperature In Weert?

The average temperature in Weert is 21 degrees Celsius.

3. What Is Weert’S Postal Code?

Weert’s postal code is 6002.

4. How Many Mayoralty Elections Has Weert Held?

Weert has held 8 mayoralty elections.

5. What Was The Outcome Of The Most Recent Mayoralty Election In Weert?

The most recent mayoralty election in Weert resulted in a victory for the Labour Party.

6. What Is The Name Of Weert’S Football Team?

Weert’s football team is called SV TEC.

7. What Is The Name Of Weert’S Biggest Shopping Mall?

Weert’s biggest shopping mall is called Emiclaer.

8. What Is The Name Of Weert’S Main Railway Station?

Weert’s main railway station is called Weert railway station.

9. What Is The Name Of Weert’S Oldest Church?

Weert’s oldest church is called Saint Ambrose Church.

10. What Is The Name Of Weert’S Annual Music Festival?

Weert’s annual music festival is called Weert Pop.

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