Kid Friendly Things To Do In Waterford, Maine

Waterford, Maine is a great destination for families with young children. The town is home to a number of kid-friendly attractions, including the Waterford Museum, the Waterford Steam Train, and the Waterford Town Forest. Families can also enjoy a number of outdoor activities in the area, such as hiking, biking, and picnicking. Waterford is also home to a number of restaurants and cafes that offer kid-friendly menus and dining experiences.

10 Fun & Kid-Friendly Things To Do In Waterford, Maine

1. Visit the public library. The public library is a great place to take kids of all ages. They can browse the shelves for books, listen to stories being read aloud, participate in library programs, and more.

2. Check out a museum. Waterford is home to a number of museums, including the Waterford Museum of History and the Snowman Museum. Kids can learn about the town’s history, see artwork and sculptures, and explore different exhibits.

3. Go for a hike. There are many hiking trails in and around Waterford. Kids can explore the woods, look for wildlife, and play in the streams and ponds.

4. Have a picnic. Picnicking is a great way to enjoy the outdoors with kids. Pack a lunch and head to one of Waterford’s parks or greenspaces.

5. Go fishing. Waterford is located on the Saco River, which is a great place to go fishing. Kids can try their hand at catch and release fishing or keep what they catch for dinner.

6. Go swimming. Waterford is home to a number of ponds and lakes, perfect for a cooling swim on a hot day.

7. Play at the playground. Waterford has several playgrounds where kids can explore, play, and make new friends.

8. Visit the farms. Waterford is home to several working farms where kids can see animals, learn about farm life, and even pick their own fruits and vegetables.

9. Go berry picking. Waterford is home to many different types of berries. Go on a berry picking adventure and then make a pie or jam with your bounty.

10. Make a splash at the splash pad. The splash pad at Morrill Park is a great place for kids to cool off and have fun.


1. What Is The History Of Waterford, Maine?

Waterford was first settled in the late 1700s by a group of families from Falmouth. The town was incorporated in 1794 and named after the Irish city of Waterford. The early settlers were mostly farmers, but the town soon developed into a thriving shipbuilding and trading center. Waterford was one of the busiest ports on the Maine coast during the mid-1800s. Shipbuilding continued to be an important industry in Waterford until the early 20th century, when the last shipyard in town closed.

2. What Is The Population Of Waterford, Maine?

As of the 2010 census, the population of Waterford was 2,650.

3. What Is The Geography Of Waterford, Maine?

Waterford is located in southern Maine, just inland from the coast. The town is situated on the banks of the Saco River, which flows into the Gulf of Maine. Waterford is bordered by the towns of Alfred to the north, Westbrook to the east, and Scarborough to the south.

4. What Is The Climate Of Waterford, Maine?

The climate of Waterford is typical of coastal Maine, with cool summers and mild winters. The average summer temperature is in the low 70s, while the average winter temperature is in the low 30s. Precipitation is fairly evenly distributed throughout the year, with an average of about 44 inches per year.

5. What Are The Economic Activities In Waterford, Maine?

The economy of Waterford is largely based on tourism. The town is home to several bed and breakfasts, as well as a number of shops and restaurants. Waterford is also the site of the annual Maine Celtic Celebration, which attracts thousands of visitors each year.

6. What Are The Recreational Activities In Waterford, Maine?

Waterford is a popular destination for outdoor recreation. The Saco River provides opportunities for fishing, swimming, and canoeing, and there are several hiking trails in the area. In the winter, cross-country skiing and snowshoeing are popular activities.

7. What Are The Cultural Attractions In Waterford, Maine?

Waterford is home to the Waterford Museum, which features exhibits on the town’s history and maritime heritage. The Maine Celtic Celebration is held each year in Waterford, and features music, dancing, and other traditional Celtic activities.

8. What Is The Transportation Infrastructure In Waterford, Maine?

Waterford is located on Maine State Route 9, which runs east-west through the town. The Portland International Jetport is located about 30 miles away, and offers scheduled air service to destinations throughout the United States.

9. What Is The Government Of Waterford, Maine?

Waterford is governed by a town council, which is elected every two years. The town council is responsible for setting policy and overseeing the town’s budget. The town also has a planning board, which is responsible for approving development projects.

10. What Are The Educational Institutions In Waterford, Maine?

The town of Waterford is served by the Waterford School District. The district includes a public elementary school and a public high school. There are also several private schools in the town.

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