Looking for something fun to do with the kids in Washington, Vermont? Here are a few ideas:

Visit the Vermont Soapstone Quarry and Museum. This unique attraction lets you see how soapstone was extracted and used in the past. There are also a number of interactive exhibits for kids to enjoy.

Take a walk or hike through one of the many scenic trails in the area. There are easy trails suitable for young children, as well as more challenging ones for older kids.

Head to the local playground. If the weather is nice, the kids can burn off some energy by running around and playing on the playground equipment.

Visit the Champlain Valley Fairgrounds. In addition to the fair itself, there are a number of other kid-friendly attractions here, including a petting zoo, a carousel, and a miniature train.

Take a leisurely stroll through downtown Washington. There are a number of shops and businesses geared towards kids, as well as plenty of places to get a bite to eat.

These are just a few of the many kid-friendly things to do in Washington, Vermont. With a little bit of planning, you’re sure to find plenty of things to keep the whole family entertained.

10 Fun & Kid-Friendly Things To Do In Washington, Vermont

1. Vermont Institute of Natural Science: The Vermont Institute of Natural Science (VINS) is a non-profit environmental education organization located in Vermont. VINS offers a variety of programs for children, including summer camp, school and community programs, and workshops.

2. Hike the Long Trail: The Long Trail is a 272-mile hiking trail located in Vermont. The trail runs the length of the state, from the Massachusetts border to the Canadian border.

3. Visit a Vermont State Park: Vermont State Parks offer a variety of recreational opportunities for children, including hiking, swimming, camping, and picnicking.

4. Take a scenic drive: Vermont is home to some of the most scenic roads in the country. Take a drive on one of the many scenic byways and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

5. Go skiing or snowboarding: Vermont is a popular destination for skiing and snowboarding. There are many ski resorts located throughout the state, offering a variety of terrain for all levels of skiers and snowboarders.

6. Visit the Ben & Jerry’s Factory: Ben & Jerry’s is a popular ice cream company based in Vermont. Visitors to the factory can take a tour, see how ice cream is made, and sample some of the company’s iconic flavors.

7. Explore a Vermont town: Vermont is home to many quaint and historic towns. Explore one of these towns and enjoy the charming atmosphere.

8. Attend a Vermont festival: Vermont is home to many festivals throughout the year, including the Vermont Country Fair and the Vermont Milk Bucket Festival.

9. Visit the Vermont State House: The Vermont State House is the state capitol building located in Montpelier, Vermont. Visitors can take a tour of the building, see the legislative chambers, and view the artwork on display.

10. Take a ride on the Green Mountain Railroad: The Green Mountain Railroad is a scenic passenger railroad located in Vermont. Visitors can take a ride on the train and enjoy the beautiful scenery of Vermont.


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