There are plenty of kid friendly things to do in Vergennes, Illinois. For starters, there’s the community pool which is open to the public during the summer months. There’s also a playground and a spray park next to the pool for the kids to enjoy. If your kids are into sports, there are plenty of options for them to get involved in as well. There are youth baseball, basketball, and soccer leagues in the area. And, if your kids are into fishing, there are two ponds in town that are stocked with fish. Lastly, there are several parks in town that are perfect for a picnic or a game of catch.

10 Fun & Kid-Friendly Things To Do In Vergennes, Illinois

1. Go to the city pool- the pool is located in Vergennes and is open to the public. There is a shallow end for little ones to splash around in and a diving board for older kids to enjoy.

2. Play at the park- Vergennes has a small city park with a playground, swings, and a pavilion. It’s a great place to take the kids to burn off some energy.

3. Walk or ride bikes around town- Vergennes is a small town, but it’s perfect for exploring on foot or by bike. There are a few parks and a number of businesses to check out.

4. Have a picnic- there are numerous grassy areas around town that make perfect picnic spots. Pack a lunch and enjoy the beautiful day.

5. Visit the library- the Vergennes Public Library is a great place to take the kids. They have a good selection of books, magazines, and movies. They also offer programs and events for kids throughout the year.

6. Go fishing- there are a few ponds around town that are stocked with fish. Grab a pole and see how many you can catch.

7. Go sledding- in the winter, the hills around Vergennes are perfect for sledding. Bring your own sled or toboggan and spend the day sliding down the slopes.

8. Go ice skating- when the ponds freeze over in the winter, they make great places to go ice skating. Bring your own skates or rent some at the local skating rink.

9. Play basketball- there is a basketball hoop at the city park. Shoot some hoops with the kids or challenge them to a game of HORSE.

10. Have a snowball fight- another great winter activity. Gather up some snowballs and have a friendly (or not-so-friendly) snowball fight.


1. What Is The History Of Vergennes, Illinois?

The history of Vergennes can be traced back to 1820, when the first settlers arrived in the area. The town was named after a French explorer who visited the area in the 17th century. The early years of the town were marked by growth and prosperity, due to the abundance of natural resources in the area. However, the Great Depression and the Dust Bowl hit the town hard, and it struggled for many years. The town has since rebounded and is now a thriving community.

2. What Is The Population Of Vergennes, Illinois?

The population of Vergennes is just over 2,000.

3. What Is The Climate Like In Vergennes, Illinois?

The climate in Vergennes is generally mild, with an average annual temperature of around 60 degrees. However, the town can experience extreme weather conditions at times, with temperatures ranging from below freezing in the winter to over 100 degrees in the summer.

4. What Are The Major Industries In Vergennes, Illinois?

The major industries in Vergennes include agriculture, manufacturing, and tourism.

5. What Are The Main Attractions In Vergennes, Illinois?

Some of the main attractions in Vergennes include the Vergennes Opera House, the Vergennes City Park, and the Vergennes Museum.

6. What Is The Vergennes School District Like?

The Vergennes School District is a small, rural district that serves the town of Vergennes and the surrounding area. The district has one elementary school, one middle school, and one high school.

7. What Sports Teams Are In Vergennes, Illinois?

The Vergennes High School offers a variety of sports teams, including baseball, basketball, football, and track.

8. What Is The Vergennes Chamber Of Commerce?

The Vergennes Chamber of Commerce is a local organization that is dedicated to promoting the businesses and organizations in the town. The Chamber of Commerce also hosts a number of events throughout the year, such as the Vergennes Day Festival and the Vergennes Christmas Parade.

9. What Is The Vergennes City Park?

The Vergennes City Park is a large park located in the center of town. The park has a number of amenities, such as a playground, a basketball court, a walking trail, and a picnic shelter.

10. What Is The Vergennes Opera House?

The Vergennes Opera House is a historic theater that was built in 1892. The Opera House is still in use today and hosts a variety of events, including plays, concerts, and movies.

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