There is so much to do for families with kids on Vashon Island! In the summer, you can spend your days swimming and exploring the many beaches. There are also tons of hiking trails to explore, and in the fall the island is full of color as the leaves change. Don’t forget to visit the pumpkin patch! In the winter, you can go sledding or build a snowman. And no matter what season it is, the Kids’ Stage at the Vashon Island Farmer’s Market is always a hit with the little ones.

10 Fun & Kid-Friendly Things To Do In Vashon, Washington

1. Visit one of Vashon’s many parks! There are a variety of parks on the island, each with different features and amenities. Picnic tables, playgrounds, hiking trails, and beaches are just some of what you’ll find.

2. Check out the Vashon Farmers Market! This market features a variety of local vendors selling fresh produce, meats, cheeses, flowers, and more.

3.Explore the Vashon Island Heritage Museum! This museum covers the history of Vashon Island, from its Native American roots to its more recent settlement by European Americans.

4. Take a tour of the Purple Palace! This former residence of Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen is now a bed and breakfast, but tours are available to the public.

5. Visit the Vashon Island Winery! This winery offers tours, tastings, and a beautiful setting for enjoying a glass of wine.

6. Take a hike! There are numerous hiking trails on Vashon Island, ranging in difficulty from easy to challenging.

7. Go kayaking or canoeing! There are several options for renting kayaks and canoes on Vashon Island, and the waterways are calm and beautiful.

8. Go horseback riding! Vashon Island is home to several stables offering horseback riding lessons and trail rides.

9. Play a round of golf! Vashon Island is home to two golf courses, one nine-hole and one eighteen-hole.

10. Visit the Vashon Island Chocolate Factory! This factory offers tours, tastings, and the opportunity to see chocolate being made from start to finish.


What Is The Population Of Vashon, Washington?

The population of Vashon, Washington is approximately 10,000.

What Is The Median Income In Vashon, Washington?

The median income in Vashon, Washington is $85,000.

What Is The Cost Of Living In Vashon, Washington?

The cost of living in Vashon, Washington is slightly higher than the national average, but still quite affordable.

What Is The Average Home Price In Vashon, Washington?

The average home price in Vashon, Washington is around $450,000.

What Is The Crime Rate In Vashon, Washington?

The crime rate in Vashon, Washington is very low. There is very little violent crime and property crime is also relatively rare.

What Are The Schools Like In Vashon, Washington?

The schools in Vashon, Washington are excellent. The district consistently scores above average on standardized tests and has a high graduation rate.

What Is There To Do For Recreation And Entertainment In Vashon, Washington?

There are plenty of things to do for recreation and entertainment in Vashon, Washington. There are numerous parks and trails for hiking and biking, as well as several lakes for swimming and fishing. There is also a thriving arts and culture scene, with several galleries and museums.

What Is The Climate Like In Vashon, Washington?

The climate in Vashon, Washington is mild and temperate. The summers are warm and the winters are relatively mild, with very little snowfall.

Is Vashon, Washington A Good Place To Live?

Overall, Vashon, Washington is an excellent place to live. It has a low crime rate, great schools, and plenty of things to do. The cost of living is slightly higher than average, but still quite affordable.

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